For most games, Open Beta is a chance to iron out the last few bugs, balance issues, and UI problems before officially launching. Other times it’s a frustrating sea of glitches, exploits, and crashes that can wreak havoc at the peak of the MMO’s attempt at capturing their audience’s attention. Unfortunately for developer Cryptic, Neverwinter Online’s recent problems seem to lean toward the latter, from a massive economy crippling currency exploit, to players creating speed leveling dungeons by abusing mob placement and glitches that allowed players to one shot heroic bosses. 

After shutting down servers for hours, closing the Auction House for almost a week, and implementing a 7 hour player rollback, deemed Caturday, the team at Cryptic has put Neverwinter back on track. As a way of thanking players for continuing to play through such setbacks, a small package was given to all characters (details available here).

Not okay with leaving the situation as is, Neverwinter’s Lead Producer, Andy Velasquez, released a very honest and detailed news post discussing where the game currently sits. He candidly reviews several of the issues the game has had up to this point, and how the development team has worked to resolve them. He also discussed some of the future additions, improvements, and modifications planned for Neverwinter.

Some of the more critical improvements had to do with network connectivity, with the goal of vastly reducing server disconnects and lag issues, and character balances, in order to ensure all classes are both bug/glitch free and most importantly enjoyable to play across all content. There was also talk of Neverwinter’s first PvP/PvE raid, Gauntlgrym. No exact date for the update was revealed, but look for it to be added to the Open Beta within the next few weeks. Also on the horizon are new companions, zones, mounts, mechanics, Paragon Paths, and a new “ranged” class.

If you’d like to know more about what’s going on with Neverwinter, you can check out Andy’s article here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Perfect World is just the worst game’s publisher ever. I’m work in game industry since 1999 and I’ve never seen publisher which ruined so many good products! I guess they like the way “cheats on”, cause they can’t do anything in proper way. Neverwinter…hmmm…like someone here said…poor Cryptic:(

    • @draghone – Nobody can take you seriously with your broken English.

      @gamingmaster – You started playing it for a week as you stated. Definitely not enough time to play each class to 60 legitimately and test out multiple builds on each. You rolled a few level 15-20 characters, got wrecked and rage about it…

  2. most crappy game cryptic ever made … class unbalanced , boring and pointless missions, huge time wasting dungeons and money grabbing..

    I started playing it for a week then it was pretty bad .. Great weapon fighter and guardian fighter class are underpowered and trickster rogue overpowered… Cryptic let their fans down…

    only game worth playing which is developed by cryptic is STO … Neverwinter huge waste of time .. They needed to fix all these issues at close beta + zen and ad exchange is fked … overprice and keeps climing

  3. I feel like I must be missing something…I haven’t gotten end game yet but so far the only issue I have with the game is the long queue times. I can hardly get 1 dungeon during Dungeon Delve time. But I absolutely love the game. Somewhere in here someone says it takes a long time to earn the 500zen for a char slot….I have been passively playing Neverwinter for about an hour a day(if at all). I’m lvl 53 now and can see that it becomes easier to earn astral diamonds as you gain levels. I bet at 60 farming it will be pie, at the moment ive already been able to buy 98 zen at current market price. (350ish) Just dont waste AD on unbinding early on and it comes nice and fast. Also, play the market I throw spare gear up there and earn a few thousand a day.

  4. I don’t understand why everyone is so critical about this game. The content is fun and engaging and for a beta it has went “fairly’ smooth. There is nothing pay to win in the cash shop and although prices do seem a little steep everything is acquirable in game (You can buy Zen with AD and vice versa). Most of the complaints I’ve seen about this game aren’t even directed at the game itself but at PWE. I wonder how many of you have actually even played it.

    • I thought I was the only one who noticed PWE being cried about without Neverwinter (which is the topic) being mentioned xD

  5. I have respect for Cryptic and believe they have great ideas, but why on earth would any game studio pick Perfect World for distribution. The amount of people that hate Perfect World alone is like saying “here is my game come hack it”, seriously get away from Perfect World, Cryptic.

  6. HAHA ….. wait for it HA! Listen at all you cry babies blah blah blah QQ and all that other rubbish…… IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT DO NOT PLAY IT….. Simple as that freaking trolls

    If you know that PWE is crap then why would you invest time and money into this game.

    with all that crap out of the way now….. I can say i have enjoyed obt…. I have lvl capped and all free to play with hardly any effort at all que times suck if your dps soooo i rolled guardian fighter. gear is easy to get after you get through t1….. same with diamonds.

    It is not pay to win at all, It comes down to how much if your time worth. if 5 bucks if worth saving 20 hours of play time so you can focus on other things in the game besides grinding or saving coin then hey to each their own….. Dont hate the player hate the game so to speak

    Just cry more about it ladies, if you do not like it go play something else…. as always happy hunting !!!!

  7. PW games = crap. There is a big publicity and focus on fixing things at launch then huge huge huge dead time between with remaining bugs. PWI has bugs since 1995… Forsaken World has not been touched in YEARS and has launch bugs. Instead of fixing the problem, they just started new published servers in Korea… Every game…EVERY GAME is garbagio. Star Trek is tolerable, but that one has less PWE influence than the others because it is Cryptic core being funded by a small elite treeky group. However it is not perfect…It has major issues and that core group split down the middle after lock boxes (gamble with your cash). Plus major P2W aspects, but…if you group with a P2Wer, the game content SCALES to your group. OTher games can’t really do that and I Think it is the nature of STO…but yeah…they are behind in stuff too. Fixing Klingon stuff after Romulans this far out = to little to late.
    So never winter…LLOLOLOLOL needs to die, bankrupt Cryptic, and have cryptic bail and shut down its games, and leave PWE scrambeling to replace or shut out. The only thing saving them are the brain dead addicts paying over 5K a month in PWI…that game is crazy. IF you know people with gambeling addictions, PWI is the mmorpg of addicts galore. I knew someone paid by Canadian government each month to live because she farmed produce for the nation. So, in 6 month winters, she did nothing but collect a check and invest her 10K check into PWI, giving the guild and PWE 5K a month….her guild…owned all pvp territory LOL! (last patches that made noobs not work split their guild and they lost interest…All that cash…byebbye)

    • Buying zen doesn’t mean you get to exploit bugs,those who were banned were caught abusing an unintended ah exploit to extremes, abusing the bugs related to damage against boss mobs or any number of other douche bag things to do. Next time try using some common sense and don’t look for ways to cheat and you won’t get banned. I wish other companies would enforce these kinds of rules with bans as well.

      • I did nothing like this i didnt cheat nor use glitches. I wasnt playing the game when this AH glitch happend i just got banned for no reason at all and didnt get a message why. So plz think before you write. PWE is known for stuff like this.

  8. i left this game for DC universe online .
    i just don’t want to play a Perfect World game never again.
    every game they run is ruined by either pay 2 play ,bugs not bieng fixed,exploits and not listening to what customers have to say.

    an example of a great game DYING is ether saga Odyssey players left and are actually playing the original Chinese one KDXY why? well players who have played the game these two years would know….

    F2P games when they listen to their players those games shine more … cause i guess those companies respect their playerbase =)

  9. new ranged class… the ranger I hope… but watch them make his range…. melee distance. its gotta be balanced for pvp after all… make it so each shot takes 20 seconds to shoot and is 5 meter range so melee can hit you. did I mention the damage will only be 2 damage per shot at level cap and that you need more potions than every other class because hey… your ranged its only fair!

    the company sux and has ruined all things D&D and I hope they burn in the firey depths of hell… damn cash cow pay to win losers at Cryptic sold their souls to satan a.k.a perfect world entertainment.

  10. For the record their “sorry we’re incompetent” package sucked arse. Secondly, fix your queue times cryptic–an hour wait with no sign of it ending for queueing on 40+ dungeons is unacceptable no matter if it’s free or not. Also the mere idea of balancing all classes is hilarious since the amount of rage from Rogue players will be astounding. You couldn’t possibly risk angering all the skill-less morons who love dominating PVP with their broken class.

    As for the economy it can go die for all I care. Too much group-focused content for diamonds combined with your horrible queueing means a terrible income per day. Oh and your exchange rate is horrible. When it was @ 350 diamonds per zen you’d need 180,000 diamonds for just a $5 character slot expansion. Again with your horrible queues at 40+ (aka non-noob time) it takes weeks just to earn a whole $5 worth of zen. Free-to-play, bash-your-head-against-the-screen-before-you-save-even-paltry-amounts-of-money to win. Diamonds are near worthless because you were incompetent with your system and also the fact you gave millions of diamonds to those moron founders. No wonder your economy sucks when a couple hundred players hold it entirely in their hands. You created the Fortune 500 in neverwinter.

    • I play a guardian fighter and wait no more than 30s at max for dungeons. What the problem is too many people playing easy mode classes. When i ran as the Wizard and Rogue I had to wait with all the other wizards and rogues. After I made a GWF and GF my waiting went from 30m to 30s since so few people play them, meaning a spot is usually open for them (instate queue). As for AD it’s kinda stupid to think that it will be easy earning things you can trade for real money FOR FREE. If it was easy no one would buy ZEN, they would farm AD and then trade it. Imagine you loan cars for money and you allow people to trade items for them if they don’t have the money. Will you be trading for things easy to get (like rocks) or will you want to trade something that’s free to get but hard to find (use your imagination for this one). If you allowed people to barrow cars with rocks you’ll have a shit load of rocks and no money. If it was something hard to find you’ll have some of those while still making money from those who couldn’t find or feel like looking for whatever the darn thing is. I’ll stop here cause I’m getting lazy….


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