Outspark, the makers of DarkBlood, just released and update to their hit free-to-play dark fantasy MMO arcade brawler.

In the realm of DarkBlood, poisonous gas is now turning the valiant knights into demented zombies. There are goblins and one-eyed monsters roving the landscape hellbent on destroying everything in their path. The castle from the tutorial, Quern Castle, can now be explored as part of the recent map expansion. In addition to the map expansion, the level cap has now been raised to Level 40.

Explore the mythic Quern Castle, and vanquish the possessed dungeons, mobs and bosses! Are you excited for the zombie apocalypse that has descended upon DarkBlood? Let us know comments below!

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  1. waff1ez on August 18, 2012

    why not just play dungeon fighters…

  2. Gabs on August 12, 2012

    damn i want divine souls back not this crap “/

    • Nox on August 12, 2012

      Same. Just not under Outspark this time. Give it to someone, anyone else.

  3. Sansori on August 11, 2012

    I played this game for like atleast 2 or 3 days , its good just that not a big fan on hack n slash games lol but its a good game , i would recommend to others and rate as a 7-10 in gameplay …

  4. kazeshini242 on August 10, 2012

    THANK YOUUUUUUU Magicman for that wonderful first look^^. lets just say the physics of the game persuaded me to try it out.

  5. Aata on August 10, 2012

    Anything with Zombies in it is a must play for me 😛

  6. cacalips on August 10, 2012

    Looks and feels like those old SEGA games. This is what DRAGON QUEST should have been. They could have called it Dragon quest 3D, but I think DQ has better story…