If you’re like me, you’ve always wondered what it takes to bring a Behemoth in Dauntless to life, and today Phoenix Labs is spilling its secrets. It’s probably some mix of genetic engineering, forbidden science, a dash of insane genius … oh wait, they’re just telling us how they come to life in the game? Well, I guess that’s OK, too.

Today’s specimen is the fiery Torgadoro, introduced in last months update. As is usual for a new Behemoth, the first thing the team looks like is an equivalent real-life beast — animal or otherwise. Torgadoro was inspired both by gorillas and by the Hulk, specifically “the Hulk stuff from Thor: Ragnarok where he has that rage and ferocity to him, but he’d kind of clumsy.” Even some of his “personality animations” wound up being moves that Slayers would have to pay attention to as combat cues.

The art team also uses a pretty simple approach to get the inspiration for a Behemoth and the area it lives in. “We just do a Google Image Search, really, and see where that takes you.” From that “really wide” angle, the artists picks out trends to focus on and build a coherent beast and island. With the jungle/volcano mix present on Torgadoro’s island, on thing’s for sure: I don’t want any of them to take care of my yard.

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