What’s more exciting than news about a just-discovered Behemoth or shiny new weapon? Server stability! That’s the news of the day, as the team at Phoenix Labs is hard at work making sure players from all over the world can enjoy Dauntless with a minimum of fuss.

As discussed in a blog post — with references to Destiny, World of Warcraft and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — Phoenix Labs is shoring up its infrastructure, bringing up Dauntless servers in new regions like Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan, as well as in existing regions. Players will no longer be prompted to select their region, instead being assigned to the server with the best performance and, when grouping, will be matched up with players who share their good connections.

Other performance adjustments are also in the works, which will lead to “better framerates in the city, tighter hit detection, improvements to collision with Behemoths, and a more stable experience in general.” Also, five new languages — French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese — are now available in the Dauntless closed beta.

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.



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