According to the Dauntless community team and their post on Reddit, this Memorial Day weekend (a holiday for most U.S. based businesses) has turned into a massive push to drive down the queue numbers for their open beta. Since open beta began just a few days ago, Slayers looking to get in on the behemoth smashing fun have been facing some SERIOUS wait times with queues extending into the tens of thousands. Obviously not happy with the situation, Phoenix Labs has been working hard all weekend to alleviate the situation.

Hello, Slayers! Thank you for your patience this weekend. After some long nights and about 40 gallons of coffee, we are proud to announce that Dauntless matchmaking and servers are stable! At this moment, we are at “zero queue”, a record-setting number of active players, and all Slayers are in the Shattered Isles. From everyone at Phoenix Labs: thank you for your patience and support.

That doesn’t mean things will STAY that way though and the team does warn that if a massive amount of players try to login then queues could rear their ugly head again. The team also goes on to post a number of updates to some common issues, some bug status reports, and a few other things you Slayers may want to check on, so make sure to visit the Reddit post!

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  1. The first few days were terrible with long queues and lots of disconnects but they did a great work patching all that.
    From time to time their servers still have some hiccups but nothing major rn. Since the 28th-ish there has been virtually no queue for most regions and I’ve been having my fair share of fun.

  2. Yeah its not a bad game its pretty good its just a shame they never realised the impact of saying come on in.
    I been playing a 3 days now on and off with problems with connecting, to queues, to using batch files to override them lol,
    There’s another problem I have had in the town, most times the two npc quest givers in main area of town revert to beginning quests and just keep looping with faulty buttons with this the map kiosk does not show any of areas of been to just a plain map.
    In order for me to override this fault . I worked a plan out that seems to fix this,
    I go about clicking on all the npcs up the steps to right, the weapons guy, then the armour guy, and lamp guy, then I hit the map kiosk to his left, once I see a map opened to other areas I know the quests be back alive. so I run back to kat who hopefully has remembered where i am in quest line and mostly she does. I hope they fix this.


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