Daybreak Games’ Lifetime* All-Access Pass seemed like a decent enough deal for players of EverQuest, EverQuest 2, DC Universe Online, and PlanetSide 2 when it was announced, offering membership to the aforementioned games for their entire lifetime*. There were two catches, though: one, the memberships would only be sold until Dec. 31; and two, only 4,000 were available.

But wait! In what can only be dubbed a true Holiday Miracle, 6,000 more keys have been discovered, somewhere deep within in the Daybreak warehouse, and are now being offered for sale for the same price of $299.99. You’d better hurry, though, because they’re only available while supplies last** and for another three days. Really, after those three days, there won’t be any more. We mean it!

If you can somehow find the willpower to pass up such a spectacular deal, there’s still the $199.99 deal for one year of membership, which also comes with a bunch of bonus items and boosts. Learn more about these “limited-time” deals on the Daybreak site.


  1. Daybreak laid of 70 somthing employees due to a failed project. They are worth over 500 million… They arent going anywhere, its a great deal imo

    • Faild Project is this the Ever quest 3 and Landmark and then H1Z1 game that thay split to 2 games then shut down Survival. And the Planetside Arena is next to fail.. company lack reliability with the gaming comunity.. witch is more important than money..

  2. hate to say it but they are truly killing their games…. They are not adding much content at this point and any they say they have in the works never becomes reality.

    Like with planetside2 we had like 2 maps promised to be released within a year as new places to explore and they never came or where mentioned ever again. They don’t release any faction sided vehicles even though they have the assets deep down in their hard drives lastly never really worked in player created bases into the frame work of the actual game.

  3. Landmark, Landmark, Landmark. Remember how Daybreak launched the game selling us packs, monthly memberships and the game itself at Christmas. Then turned around 30 days later to announce the games closing. Lest not forget.

  4. Its not going to last as they are milking it.
    if you milk something it shows your not honest and just wanted to use the first announcement to lure players in and then go onward to lure more in.
    Now to be 10,000 copies from 4,000 is dishonest and they are not rare!!
    Its just a data joke to dumb players as they can muster up as many of keys as they want at any given time. = Your the one being conned.
    And they have to be drowning.
    A” lifetime ” for all those innocents out there. Can End Tommorrow or Right this Second!!.

  5. Daybreak layoff 70 employees then Sells 10,000 copys of life time access!.. yeah noo thx and 2 major shoutdown games i pass on this,, i do love DCUO but dam this company is a joke..

    • Those people were laid off because their next game – Planetside Arena is almost finished so they no longer need as many devs. At least that’s what i heard.

      • if thats all the time they did for that game then its going to be complete crap. The idea already is bad all they are doing at this point is remaking Tribes Ascend with planside 2 style of assets. Why in gods name do they think making an arena style game will bring back the planetside players ? THE game is CALLED “PLANETSIDE” for a reason. Werl just wants what he wanted all along which is a solo aspect scap show of a IP that could have flourished if done right.


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