DCUO Lead Producer: Stats Revamp Needs More Revamping


There are two things a online game has to be super-duper, extra-double-secret careful about messing with: its monetization and … well, the game itself. At least wide-ranging, core parts of the game that greatly affect everything about how it plays.

Daybreak Game Company did the second thing with DC Universe Online late last month. The resulting feedback from players has apparently been loud enough for DCUO’s lead producer to issue a statement outlining additional changes that in the works to try and smooth things over.

Leah “Katnikov” Bowers said that she and the dev team are “totally listening” to players’ feedback regarding the changes to power sets, loadouts, and stats. She outlined key points that generally point toward players having difficulty with content that used to be easier to complete. Some of the issues could be simply related to players not mastering the new systems as well as they did the old — and that will come, in time — but also acknowledged that it’s frustrating for low- and mid-level players to run up against brick walls.

To address these concerns, Bowers (no relation to our own QuintLyn) laid out a series of short-, medium-, and long-term plans. The short-term plans involve more testing passes and tweaking of numbers; medium-term plans are about “updating the whole game’s gear and progression systems to modern content standards”; and in the long-term, the dev team will look at how skill points and feats are handled. As Bowers put it, “navigating our Feat system is a…feat…in and of itself.” Hey, it can’t be worse than Fortnite‘s UI, can it?



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