A week has passed since the new year, and less than a week was required before new MOBA news began to crop up. No no, not the usual 2 week patch updates, those are a given, like how the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. This news is in regards to a brand new MOBA called DeadBreed, which at first glance has everything to do with the undead, but nothing to do with breeding them. Darn, I was looking forward to breeding a zompire in my free time.

DeadBreed comes to us from some of the original Just Cause developers including Stefan Ljungqvist, the former Creative Director at Avalanche Studios. The game pits teams of three against AI or human opponents with a focus on hero customization being DeadBreed’s main claim to fame. In DeadBreed, players choose from one of the game’s various supernatural heroes(?) and can not only individually customize their heroe’s look, but also their playstyle. Check out the trailer below to see it in action:

So a ranged hero isn’t necessarily always ranged and vice versa, depending on the player’s preference. A large portion of the customization seems to stem from Artifact items which can be upgraded and slotted with relics. There is mention of these items wearing out overtime though, which may trigger an immediate “gun durability” reaction from some. Here’s hoping that isn’t the case. Heroes also level up by playing matches, although it unclear what effect this will have on gameplay.

A particularly interesting feature is the ability for one player to be chosen as the endgame bossfight, something alluded to at the very end of the trailer. Other touted features include summonable creatures and side objectives involving dungeons and PvP-Quests. Beta signups are now available on the official teaser site here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. i think they must stop doing this 2d mobas and start making mobas like smite which put some action and more skills to the game they really must stop this 2d mobas no one want this any more

  2. Sounds like the formula for a pay2win game. Considering the competition is about as non-P2W as you can get, I don’t see this getting off the ground.

  3. While I do hate that MOBAs are so many (like really, can we get a new action mmorpg from anyone. Blade and Soul would be nice eventually) if they are putting them out there, and for free none the less I don’t really lose anything other than time for trying it. And time I have plenty of (while waiting for that US Blade and Soul release)

  4. i played LoL 2 years, then started Smite and now i found Prime World that is most interesting Moba game i think there is so many things that makes you play and play, league is SHIT for me now they are doing nothing to improve game…

  5. In my opinion, if MOBA’s want to bring in a larger crowd, and make themselves known more, character cutomization/creation is exactly what they’d need to do it.

    The whole Undead thing sounds a bit silly, and throws me away from the entire MOBA completely. But I’d totally start playing MOBA’s if I could make my own “Unique” character. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t enjoy MOBA’s at all (Unless I’m not paired up with randies who always make the team lose).

    In conclusion, thumbs up for Character Customization, huge thumbs down for being a generic knock-off with “Undead”.

  6. EVerything is marketed caca. Look at the character female. Hooded (ooo must be a deep fantasy game). Yet breasts open (Come on in male players). Taking an arrow to the tits…. XD no thanks. MOBA..Just looking to take the LoL fallout kids

    • yeah like league got all it’s inital fans by picking up the crumbs of Dota’s fanbase who had given up since no dota 2 came around and people got tired of the old graphics, etc? Yeah…but lets not ever speak of how league got it’s start and how just much of a dota copy it actually is when you really break it down xP

      • Actually i’m one of the players that tried playing dota , but because of the absurd game mechanics at that time was impossible to play , not that its any way better now , but its improved .
        Still i found and find league way better for myself , so its not like i had to wait for a booring game like dota 2 to transfer to LoL i just play it because for me its better .

        Just putting the point that league players are not some leftovers of “waiting for dota 2”
        Have a nice day sir 🙂

  7. Never a good sign when your initial trailer doesn’t actually show the game.
    Also games that call themselves “hardcore” are usually the opposite.

  8. Seems a bit slooooooow paced , but might be the video , thsi will be something like rpg arena imo ,
    since you can customize your hero your items and probably your skills will be customized with that .
    But until release its all speculations 🙂

    • Hard to say anything from that video, but yea at least it’s nice to get a bit more character customization finally in a MOBA not just skins.


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