Destiny 2’s Guardian Games Are Returning, Along With The Addition Of The First Legendary Strand Scout Rifle

Take part to earn Guardian Games weapons, and other items.

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Destiny 2 Guardian Games Event

On May 2, Destiny 2’s annual Guardian Games Event will kick off. Between then and May 23, players can compete as their favorite class and earn special rewards in the shooter – along with fame and glory – for their efforts. The rewards in question include two weapons.

The first is the first ever Legendary Strand Scout Rifle to be introduced to the game, the Taraxippos. The second, The Title, is an updated version of The Void Submachine Gun, complete with the Repulsor Brace.

During the event, players will also receive a Guardian Games Event Card. Completing challenges on this card will earn them cosmetic rewards. Those who want more rewards can upgrade the card for 1,000 Silver.

This year marks the second year for the Guardian Games Cup. Players can participate in this with their fire team and help raise money for charity as they do. This year, players can compete in two categories, Technical and Charitable. The first tracks officially registered teams' total number of medals during the games. The second tracks the total amount raised through the team’s official Bungie Foundation sign-up page. The top four teams in each category will earn prizes. Players can also earn rewards for donating $25 or more. Full details can be found on the Bungie site.

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