Dota 2 Reborn UI

Valve has finally pulled the trigger on its “Reborn” update for Dota 2, which we previewed a couple months ago, switching the game over to the Source 2 engine and making a myriad of other changes that rate as probably the biggest patch the MOBA since its launch.

Seriously, there are a lot of changes, and you can read them all here. Most notably, there’s a new friends list on the main dashboard, you can search for all global player item types, and there have been lots of fixes to missing or improperly rendered particle effects. Ooh, shiny.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, as Valve states that “Over the coming weeks we’ll be updating the game frequently to fix issues and refine the experience based on your feedback.” We’re sure that a major change like this isn’t having any unintended consequences, but what do you Dota 2 players think?

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    • Unplayable controls????????????????? what do u mean dude and smite best control? gtfo ur peanut brain cant handle what dota 2 has to offer

  1. I like the all the changes except for the UI, specifically using your cosmetics and access to the updates.
    It was much easier in the past to choose your cosmetic items as they were all on one page. Now each one has their own separate page. It’s great that you can finally decide which items to add to “Shuffle” though, so you don’t end up with that Boar courier that everyone gets in your game when you set Shuffle on.
    As for the updates and blog posts, as far as I know, they don’t show up in the client anymore. I’ll have to use the Steam client to view the updates, or access the blog separately. Sure, it’s not a necessity to show it in the new client, but if it was already present in the old one, why remove it?

  2. Played every moba on the market. Dota2 is a great “thinking mans” strategic moba.

    LoL is my favorite because it balances difficulty and variety. You can be a knuckle dragging one lane feeder or a team playing skill based user and get mixed results (I had a knuckle dragger push a lane queitly a nd win the game for us as he snuck in the base and took out. Enemy while we too busy pushing mid…). It is perfect balance betweenhardcore and easy. Champ variety = no two games play the same (and item builds + runes).

    HotS. Baaarrfff. No builds. No distance. Probably worst dumbed down moba I ever played.

    Smite: meh. Basically Panzar with 3 lanes. That is why more people prefer its panzar like arena mode. The moba is a joke and damage exchange is a forced skill less mess.

    Toxicity doesnt exist in mobas. The second you move your hands to type… You fail in moba. Real toxicity is developper end:
    No ping filters for hosts.
    No perma bans for afk and DC abuser (usually related to ping from poor people country players).

    • Yeah man, Smite is skillless. You actually have to aim your attacks instead of your hero auto attacking your opponent. That’s such lack of skill. Real skill is in clicking the opponent once and go eat something and get the kill.

    • HoTS is so easy, took me 142 games to get rank 1, that game is a joke child. Dota 2 will always be the hardest game on the market for a fact, it currently is and will continue to be. You don’t have to like it, whether you like it or not is completely irrelevant and subjective.

        • my thoughts.
          People are just too ignorant, since it isn’t as popular as Dota 2 anymore. HoN still remains the most challenging and competitive Moba around.
          Not saying HoN is better, since that’s mostly personal preference, hence most children playing casual games like LoL.

    • HotS = Casual
      Dota2 = Master of chess-like complication
      LoL = Balance between fun and hardcore

      You might be casual gamer, hence your statement. Those are different games for different kind of likes.


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