Dota 2 might be flying high, but Valve isn’t resting on its laurels. Instead, the company is working on a new framework for the game designed to improve user experience across the board. Think of it as Dota 2 v2… Dota 2.2… Dota 2×2 = Dota 4? Whatever.

There are three major parts to the rework. Part one is all about the user interface, revamping the dashboard and making it easier to find friends and games, organize your heroes, watch games, and learn to play. Part two focuses on custom games, giving players the freedom to play Dota 2 the way they want to. Part three brings a whole host of changes by utilizing the Source Engine, improving the game in a variety of ways and allowing players the creativity to make their own short movies with Source Filmaker, just as they do in Team Fortress 2.

You can get into the beta for Dota 2 Reborn by selecting it from the menu when you click Play in Steam. Your progress will be shared between both the “base” Dota 2 and Reborn. Valve hopes to bring Reborn out of beta sometime after The International, which takes place the first week of August.

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  1. If you’re going to revamp it, might as well bring it into the present and future of MOBAs and make it third person like Smite.

    • Nooo! Just no. Smite is made for third person.. dota 2 need this.. Its better this way! Smite is perfect in third person.. dota will be a hell.. and the future isn’t third person tho..! But it would nice to try in a custom game.. yea is posible..

  2. Clearly none of the commentors ahead pleasured the old times of Garena servers, with more than Dota to play. The really thing for me that kept me playing for years Dota is how was easy inside 1 Game (warcraft 3), i could enjoy rpgs, races and hundred of game styles alike Dota, but in the same tool that i played it. Ive nevver benn a rpg strategic style fan, but by installing Dota, ive found that deep community of maps and modes that really kept me playing warcraft. This new move shows clearly that they for good are making steps for this status of the game. I really liked and im anxious for getting back to the game.

  3. Ever since dota2 went with the No loot strategy and made shit untradible the game has rolled down hill good luck getting your players back, unless you change the game rules back to what it was no one will care.. well except the fanboys ofcourse.

    • Every drop in the game is cosmetic. If you actually play the game for cosmetics item, which doesn’t change the gameplay at all, then thank you for not playing anymore.

      • Loot in MOBA refers to the items you buy as the character levels up to equip. I am not sure what this guy is talking about. Did DOTA 2 remove their loot system? (exaple, turning your mage into a mage tank or glass cannon mid game depending on items and how much gold you got killing minions and players).
        Otherwise the cash shop cosmetics are called “Skins”. Which I think they did not stop selling

  4. A MOBA will always be a MOBA, no matter how fancy it looks. The trailer looks like an action arena game, but the actual gameplay is really slow pace. *hit.hit.hit.hit.hit.hit.hit.Q.hit.E.W.R.hit.hit.Die*

    • Not once was the objective to change the entire game play based on a cosmetic upheaval. The game a graphic over haul and menu UI tweaks. No where did it say “We are turning the MOBA into a MMORPG”…. Brain malfunction again?

  5. Unmounted…

    This is great news for those using still outdated machines since the Source Engine is good for that, this will bring in a lot of happy players.


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