Update 7.00: The New Journey for Dota 2 isn’t your typical, “Let’s add a new hero and change up a few things” patch. Technically, it does do those things, but there’s a whole lot more.

The page with all the patch notes is found here, and you can click on all the individual links to get to pages chock full of details (and shiny animations). There’s that new character, the Monkey King, and no, we don’t think Valve just lifted him wholesale from Smite. He’s a nimble melee character who comes with his own comic, as well as a terrain skin, Arcana pack, and voice pack you can purchase.

Not interested in a new hero? Check out the re-designed game interface, minimized and simplified to make it easier to focus on the action. Want a fancy pre-game load screen and better selection UI? Valve’s got you covered. Community-authored bots, hero remodels, and showcase view improvements also add to the game’s aesthetic charms.

Oh, and then there’s the tiny matter of gameplay changes. I went to the patch notes page and it took me over 100 Page Downs to get to the bottom. Hero talent trees change how heroes augment their capabilities, and there are plenty of numerical changes to leveling, items, various mechanics, and individual hero powers. Maps have changed, illusions now give gold and XP bounties, and heroes now have a backpack for carrying extra stuff they need for recipes. Yay, inventory management!

So, yeah, Update 7.00 is plenty big and should dramatically change just about everything about Dota 2. Tell us what you think of the changes in the comments below!

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. Why even bother? this is a nightmare for internet gaming cafes 6gb of fcking patch that’s like downloading the whole damn game again do you even know just how fcking long will take for 1 computer to be updated in a cafe? not to mention owning a 30+ of computers another thing is that this stupid developers not only decided to have an EVERYDAY update they decided to put one big mess in just one fcking day. dota 2 players says “yay” cafe owners however say”go fck yourself and just by yourself your own computer im done of this sh1t”

  2. Ex-DotA player here who nowadays only follow it’s eSport scene. This patch’s magnitude is so big I can’t even imagine Icefrog and co. have thought everything through. Last patch was probably one of the most balanced patches in eSport history but this one might be the opposite. I’m kind of torn whetever I like it or not and I guess only time will tell if the new systems and map works with DotA at all. Monkey King is fairly broken though, thats for sure.

      • srsly man just look at the game i am not lol player its bullshit if you think that the patch was for only new features game is now faster like in lol i mean look at invo or monkey in past you needed to play more strategy now you need to be faster just clicking on keys the skill tree with shrines? c’mon you know what i mean


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