Duelyst fans have a bunch of new toys to play with today, with the launch of the Trials of Mythron expansion, the seventh expansion set for Counterplay Games’ board game/CCG hybrid. Trials of Mythron adds over 100 new cards, as well as two new mechanics and a new rarity level.

Intensify is a keyword that increases the potency of minions and spells each time you cast them during a game. The first time you cast such a spell, it might grant your minions +2 Health. The second time, it will be +4, the third time +6, and so on.

The other new keyword is actually two keywords in one: Trial and Destiny. A card with Trial cannot be played until the listed conditions are met. Once that happens, it can be played and its powerful Destiny effect will occur.

There’s also a new level of rarity in this set, Mythron rarity. This expansion has seven such cards, and they’re guaranteed drops from the first orb (pack) you open, as well as every 10 thereafter, meaning you’ll get them in orbs 1, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, and 61. Only one Mythron-rarity card can be placed in a deck.

You can learn more about Trials of Mythron’s release, including how you can get free packs by logging in and turning on Twitch Drops, on the Duelyst site.


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