Dungeons & Dragons Online Celebrates Its 17th Anniversary In "Unlikely Heroes" Update

Don’t miss out on the exclusive rewards.

Aspen Pash
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D&D 17 Anniversary

Dungeons & Dragons Online is celebrating its 17th Anniversary today! Players can look forward to free content, three new Archetypes, a dungeon, and a “mini-expansion” launching sometime between April and June. Players who join in on the anniversary festivities will also be able to get one armor per day, account-wide, from the Djinn in House Phiarlan

The Anniversary event runs until March 28, giving players a little over a month to collect all rewards. In addition, players may have to wait before jumping into the festivities as the DDO game worlds will be unavailable today from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (-5 GMT) to release Update 58: Unlikely Heroes. Players can check out the release notes for all the nitty-gritty details!

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Flintstone 11 months ago
When i see older games I question this, what are devs doing? are they learning and adapting to the new ways 3d and code or are they just sitting on their hands, waiting for what i do not know. I'm not being rude to them or their game its great game for its time , I'm just seeing it in broader light of if they are in the game design industry why are they up to date with there engines and mechanics. this baffles me. I know there is the part where you relax for a bit. ok.but,..17 - 24 years or whatever time span, why don't devs progress with time if they want to keep their game going daily? those games that are smart are the ones that say they are finished. those carry on need to think harder about the future of their game advancement.
thats all
fantastic game
tome long term devs are questionable as to why..

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