Destiny Is Bringing Back The Challenge With The Release Of Lightfall

Guardians' love for Destiny is sure to be reignited with all the changes that are coming with the game’s newest chapter.

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It’s time to elaborate on how the team will bring the challenge back to Destiny 2. As of now, the Destiny team is working to bring the difficulty levels of Legend closer to the popular Legendary Campaign experience and the Master experience closer to day-one raids. The goal is to have high-difficulty content to last many playthroughs over multiple Seasons, and because of that, the team is making some changes week-over-week and Season-over-Season in order to keep things fresh and new.

Starting with the release of Lightfall, players can expect the removal of adept difficulty, Hero difficulty now available at 1750 Power, Legend and Master difficulties can now be entered at 1800 Power, Match Game will be removed, and Power level disadvantages will be implemented to provide a better challenge curve. In addition, high-level activities will now feature Overcharged weapons, these weapons will now deal 25% more damage and can come from several sources.

Now, on to things that won’t be changing: Equipment will still be locked on Legend and Master difficulties as well as Grandmaster Nightfalls. Matchmaking is still available on Hero, but will be closed on Legend, Master, and Grandmaster Nightfalls. Champion availability will also remain the same.

In exciting news, Vanguard Ops playlist will now have scoring, so just like in Nightfall, players will earn points for killing enemies and other events, with a multiplier based on the specific strike. The higher a player's score, the larger their Vanguard Rank multiplier will be. These multipliers will be applied to all Vanguard modes, including Nightfalls. Vanguard screen challenges will also be adjusted to reflect the above changes.

Nightfalls will also be getting more challenging, “to the point where you’ll have to think twice before jumping into one without a proper build.” Then, Lost Sectors and weekly campaign missions will also be getting the ‘more challenging’ TLC with one Overcharged weapon, two surges, threats will now depend on the featured Lost Sector, combatants will be harder to stagger and have more health, and will now be available in Legend and Master difficulties.

All these changes are in the hopes of creating a more engaging and interesting challenge for players and reigniting the excitement for some of the most favored content in Destiny. And remember Guardians, only 6 more days until Lightfalls release when all these new features can be tested in action. Players that want a more in-depth understanding of the changes to come, please check out the official article here.

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