Neverwinter isn’t the only D&D MMO that’s bringing out new material. Way before Neverwinter was even an idea on Cryptic Studio’s design board, Dungeons and Dragons Online ruled the virtual D&D scene. Today Dungeons and Dragons Online announced the launch of its newest expansion, Shadowfell Conspiracy. The expansion features two new Adventure Packs; Wheloon and Storhorns, New Iconic heroes, and a new Epic Level cap of 28.

The two new zones present widely different experiences. In Wheloon players will disguise themselves as one of the many hardened criminals and ruthless traitors that inhabit the prison city. Once inside they’ll have to stop the Netherese from gathering an army made from the Kingdom’s enemies. Criminals are the least of players worries in Stormhorns. As they venture deep into the mountains players will fight giants and ravenous creatures as they attempt to destroy a Netherese secret weapon.

Iconic heroes offer players new prestige characters starting at level 15 that feature a unique look and abilities. Each Hero encompasses the ideal of their race and class, with custom gear, appearance options, and powers of such a paragon.

Like all previous Dungeons and Dragons Online expansions, Shadowfell Conspiracy will be purchasable in two varieties. The Standard edition will set you back $29.99 with the Collector’s edition running a cool $49.99. Both versions come with extra goodies including Iconic Heroes, Turbine points, character slots, and skill tomes.

For more information on the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion you can visit the official their website here.

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  1. I still think this game is more of a dungeons & dragons game that Neverwinter is, I just think the overall mechanics in Neverwinter are better.


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