Turbine announced that the latest update for Dungeons & Dragons Online, one of the world’s best free to play MMORPG, is now live! New features include:

Challenges System:

• Play in Challenges and collect valuable resources to barter for cool loot!
• Choose your level of difficulty-multiple levels available!
• Stay on your toes with a host of new mini-games!
• Free for VIPs!

Artificer Class — Can now be earned as a favor reward by playing Update 11 and 12 content!
Challenge Powerups — Get a competitive edge from the DDO Store with buffs such as speed, power and invisibility!
Platinum Sharing — Share platinum across your characters on the same server! First tier free for VIPs!
Armor Appearance — 4 new Armor appearance kit lines available-including two exclusive to Warforged!
Purchase Gold Seal Hirelings two levels above your character!

And Much More! Turbine also publishes The Lord of the Rings Online among other games.

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  1. arvaen on November 12, 2011

    loved it!