How big is your Christmas tree? I’m wagering it’s not big enough to fit two mechs underneath it, but you’re welcome to try squeezing them down there, thanks to Piranha Games, which is celebrating the holidays — and possibly its recent acquisition — in style, with a Holiday Bonus Celebration, where you can earn two free mechs just by playing one match in MechWarrior Online.

From now until New Year’s Eve, you can score the “Snowball” UM-R60L(S) and “Fireball” PXH-1K(S) mechs simply by playing one match in MWO. Both come with a 30% C-bill boost with a Mech Bay, so you’ll be able to fit them, if not under your tree, then in your garage. You’ll also receive 25 Stocking Stuffers, seven days of active premium time, 6.5 million C-bills, and 1,250 MC for your single match.

Learn more about this giveaway on the MechWarrior Online site. And if your tree really is big enough to stuff those mechs underneath it, can I come live with you, since your house is clearly big enough for at least one more body?


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