Echo of Soul’s class reveal trailers continue with today’s release of the Archer’s class breakdown. As with our previously reported Rogue breakdown, the Archer will have two distinct job paths for players to explore, both offering a totally different playstyle.

For those MMO players that want to do direct damage and play the DPS role in your party, the Huntress job path will be the way to go. Unleashing ranged attacks galore, the Huntress does continuous damage in high volumes to bring enemies down quickly.

If you’re looking to play more of a support role in your party (remember, Echo of Soul does not have a dedicated healer role) then the Bard specialization is the path you’ll want to take. Bards use their musical talents to help increase the performance of their party or debuff enemies, whichever the situation calls for at the moment.

While videos for a few other classes still have to be released over the coming weeks, you can check out the class specializations and sign up for Aeria Games’ spring beta on the website. If you are keeping an eye on Echo of Soul’s western release and want to keep an eye on what might be coming in the future, be sure to check out MMOSite’s write up about the Warlock class coming to China servers in April.

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  1. So that’s the bard class… looks nothing like a bard… More like an archer with musical notes around their moves…


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