Aeria Games recently released a new update for their MMORPG Eden Eternal. The update titled “The Reawakening” saw the revamping of several areas including an updated starting zone experience, a revamped UI system, the addition of double jumping, lighting improvements and additional visual enhancements. Character models should now have more visual depth, along with smoother and more detailed animations. Three additional classes were also added to the starting roster for players to choose from when creating a new character.

Overall the extensive list of adjustments in this patch represents a fairly substantial improvement in the quality of life experience for players in Eden Eternal. However, one small change in the patch notes has players quite upset. Aeria Games has placed a number limit on the amount of dungeons a player is allowed to run per day in game in an apparent effort to restrict gold farming. With a maximum of 10 normal runs and 2 trial runs. Many Eden Eternal gamers say they feel this new cap puts added pressure on them to purchase items with the cash shop currency while others feel the system was being abused and was causing market inflation. Still others wonder how this change will affect those who wish to level primarily through dungeons.

I have’t personally played Eden Eternal in over a year, but I do recall dungeon running being an integral part of the MMORPG’s experience. Passionate players are always quick to voice their opinionated feelings on the official forums so I am curious, do you also find this change overly restrictive?

If you want to read the full patch notes or any of the dungeon limitation discussion go ahead and click here.

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  1. Hello! i came back, to say one more thing for people who may check this article later on!! Recently the servers merged and the economy and pretty much the entire game shuffled. The new server is named “Obsidian” and travels from one extreme to the next. from 25k primes to 3k ones. The game is still good! don’t give up on it. working is key and new the game is repopulated because both servers were blended together. give it another shot!

  2. Y’know what? its alright to have your own opinion but don’t go tooo overboard and slander the game just cause you didn’t have the endurance to get past level 30. :/ I hit level 60 last week and I have 3 alphas and 1 prime and im not rich at all, I literally have under 400G in my backpack. The item mall and item ranking and rarity system is completely and perfectly functional AND fair, not to even mention the gold farming.

    Don’t forget that with the EE DGN system there are limits but when you hit level 50 there are also trials to do. if you add the limited, 0/2, unlimited, 0/10, and the trials ,0/3, together you end u with a total of 15 DGN runs! not to mention the extra drops from trial that can be sold and will earn you money. Plus theres more than one DGN in the entire game, if you run out of runs on one, just go to another. You run out of Vortek Unlim and Lim runs? go to Soulmor Falls and you get 12 more runs. (Both DGN’s are in Decay Forest which is a 57+ zone)

    Farming and Crafting are a little difficult ill give you that (especially if you don’t have safety stones) but there are special gardening gloves and pickaxes as well as divining crystals that can be bought for 250-500G. Basic and common crafting mats can be bought for 1-5EP in the loyalty mall and come in quantities of 1-10. You can always get help from your friends as well so don’t ragequit. You can also get lv30 Legacy armor boxes that help you boost your HP points and there are stones and gems to be used that can boost attributes and stats

    Buying and spending AP is completely safe and I have done so multiple times and spent £25-£30 and earnt a lot of AP as well as a lot of Gold and I have bought primes and such from the website and sold them on the game for 2.5-100k varying from item ranks and costumes. The item mall does not sell any OP items that majorly alter stats so spenders aren’t any better than the norm players unless they build them to be better.

    Some of the new classes have completely annoyed characters and made some even quit as they are either too OP or they are pretty much an end game class like messiah and Luminary. Most players agree that these classes have pretty much ruined the game but 50% of the people who feel the need to criticize the class actually use it themselves.

    If you feel the need to commentate on anything I have said please reply and we can carry on the discussion.

  3. The game is great all in all, The patch update provided a lot of new features, more than we were hoping for. Eden Eternal has been one of the most popular, populated, and quickly blogged about MMORPG since the patch. It’s a great game, I’ve invested over 40$ so far buying credits, I worked HARD as hell in Real Life to get the money, and yet, I find every cent spent on Eden Eternal to be, without a question, -Worth It!!! The game is awesome, the graphics are amazing (especially since they added the recent 3D feature) gold farmers can eat my grits…Play the game right, otherwise don’t complain when your mindless repetitive task you use in order to “become the best” goes away. Because they didn’t intend on that in the first place. There are still people who sit idle-by, AFK, letting their pets attack any monster that comes by them. I like to call this “AFK-Spawn Caming”. Unfortunately, due to recent Territory War battles having players using skills “through the safe zone” to attack afk players safely waiting for TW to end, that term has been adopted by the GMs and GSs of the game. I’m okay with that. Either way, this game is great, aside from a few childish players in Peer Chat, the occasional “Random Drama BS” you have to deal with from friends coming on EE after a stressful day in the real world, and taking it out on their friends, this game gets 9 out of 10 stars from me!! The game all in all is amazing, I could do without the Gold Bot Spammers (different from gold farmers in dungeons) programmed to advertise an outside-source for buying gold with real money. I wish they’d just go away..That alone, takes one star out of the 10.. But keep up the great work Aeria Games, I’m more than happy to say I plan on spending a LOT of birthday money on Aeria Points within this next month. :”)

    • Id just like to add for those wanting to spend money on AP be careful if you cod something to a player and accidently click return on the gold you where sent for the items customer service don’t help i spent around £250 recently on Eden eternal

      overall its a good game i really enjoy it but got annoyed with the customer support also don’t spend gold on Eden crystal any players starting out wait a couple of month for the prices to drop also don’t buy ECs i spent 11k for 50 and only made 3k back big loss!!

    • RIFT does look awesome, but i wont bother playing it because you don’t have access to those 4 souls (sub-classes) that paying players have. And it just happens that those 4 are the ones i like the most.

      • And Rift’s gms are becoming useless and unhelpful.It’s one thing to have to wait a few days for them to get to a ticket but to only have them tell you they were not gonna help is bs.I get the game going free to play is a transition but seriously it seems like the customer service is declining.Case in point I have been a subscriber on rift for 6 months.They said they were going to give 7000 loyalty points for every month players subbed for pre f2p launch.f2p launch day came i didn’t have my loyalty so I submitted a ticket to a gm.4days go buy and I finally get a response but they only gave me loyalty equal to 2 months.I sent another ticket to the gms asking for the other 4 months of loyalty owed to me.Waited 3 days for a response and the gms tell me”we only have you on record as having subbed for 2 months.”Which is complete bs because I have 6 months of credit card statements that say otherwise.So Submitted another ticket gm tells me to call customer service.Did that and after 2 days of being giving the run around on the phone I’m told they are not going to give me what I as a paying customer was entitled too.Trion worlds has tarnished what good faith they built up with me.Ironically SOE has been improving on the customer service front.My toon on EQ2 got erased by accident during a recent server maintenance.I contacted SOE’s customer service it took only an hour dealing with them.They were unable to return my toon but they gave me a nice amount of station cash as a consolation for my trouble.

  4. plop leave all old games in the past the best game and most raiting of aeria in this moment is queen blade (scarlet blade) boobies xD

  5. One of the few F2P mmos that was worth your time. With the dungeon resitriction this game is going down the crapper, nothing unique enough about it for people to want to put up with that. 10 dungeons a day? Good god, typical Aeria ruining games :\

    • its not ruining games mate…. its just balancing economy…. try if u play a game that spam dungeon with someone that plays 24 hours a day ? its just unbalance… so they make it balance by limiting it so not too active people can get as rich as active ones

      • That’s balance for you? That’s stupidity.

        Now people who have extra time on their hand can’t farm as much anymore, so people who pay with real money are getting advantage over EVERYONE. And that’s unbalance that ruins the game.

        If they really want to balance the game, why not limit the amount of Aeria Points you can buy with real money? So people who have a lot of money can’t get big advantage over free players?

        This patch is not about balancing anything, don’t be stupid. It’s about limiting the amount of gold players can farm, so that they would be forced to pay real money if they want to get good gear.

  6. Aeria Games just proving what Iv’e said countless times before, that they are one of the greediest MMO publishers out there.

    This game is really great, i played it for a long time and had a blast of fun. But Aeria keeps making it pay-to-win more and more.

    I remember when i started the game was really great, then they started adding a lot of cash items, which i didn’t really mind, the game was still somewhat balanced and you could buy those items from other players with in-game money if you farmed enough for it.

    But then they made it so enemies that are few levels below you can’t drop decent amount of gold anymore, making farming very very hard. Which made me quit the game because i instantly saw where Aeria is going, they wanted to make it almost impossible to farm gold so people would spend more money on the game.

    And now they did this? They actually restricted how many times you can go in dungeons to prevent people from farming? I can’t say I’m surprised, but damn that’s really low. Aeria Games make tons of money on their games, and they’re still so damn greedy and do things like this.

    Unless you want to spend a LOT (read: tons) of money on this game to be able to get good gear don’t even bother playing it. Aeria is constantly looking for ways to make people spend more money on the game, constantly restricting the fun for free players.

  7. I think only 2 runs is a little too… well, little. Let’s say you go in once(as a new player, it’s actually common) to check it out, and then leave. There’s one gone. The second run, you now have a party; but what if they all die and need more people? You have to wait until tomorrow or take the challenge version?

  8. And here I was hoping that they’d change things so I don’t have to grind class levels so much. Oh well. :S Not going back.

  9. Best game ever, i sooo suggest u to try it out, teh game is alot of fun, the dungeons and class system are awesome. I mean 3 new starter calsses?! AMAZING!!! People were talkign about this big update and its wesome jsut cant describe it, simply awesome game. The game is very active, every zone has enough people to like do anything!! A very active and fun game, love it!!

    • Game is great, and it’s quite addicting and fun. But it’s pay-to-win and Aeria keeps making it even more so. Not worth trying unless you’re willing to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in order to get all good gear.

      • The game coulda been more fun if AP buyers not ruining everything in duel and stuff….. well u dont need hundreds of thousands dollars….. if u got patience u can farm for over 3 years with the new update causing farming harder

  10. I find this game really fun because of its community. I had a good time while it last 1 or 2 years ago. Might give it a try now tho, just to get back the memory :D.

  11. I played and uninstalled around Level 10 when the only way too progress was the dungeon. Otherwise it is quadroople the farming and meh…horrible game needs to shut down.

    • From ur nick name CACA (french word) for poo i think your’e opinion dosen’t worth much either this game actually is decent and yes there’s alot of farming to do but who cares? if you don’t have the right time to play a game well don’t play you don’t need to make thoses pathetic comment just because you don’t like to farm btw this game won’t shut down 🙂 Sorry for you Nabs French.

      • While I do agree that quitting an mmo because you had to do a dungeon (?) is kind of a weird reason, your response was the real “caca”. It was completely uncalled for, how rude your response was, not to mention childish. You didn’t even back up your argument with anything but name calling, which is the real “pathetic comment”.

        I played this game in open beta and shortly after it released as well as gave it an attempt very recently before this update and I do kind of agree with him… The game is one giant grind from start to finish and I found myself grinding between quests because I’d often run out of things to do.

        • Not sure how much it changed from CBT, but the game is a tricky one in that grind aspect. At first I had that very same perception, grinding all those classes was quite a virtual job you could say….until I figured it was actually a way to force socialization.

          When my friends got into CBT as well and we started parting up, we noticed you can stretch the xp gain by spreading a bit your group in an area and each player farming up their spots. XP is then given to the group per kill so you can farm quite a bit in way less time (depending on group size, spawn timers and so on) and it was absurdly easier. Shame we figured this out too late to grind all classes and get the unique mount from CBT =/

          • I remember a few years back, the Pets’ overlay were all in Japanese.. I remember the good ‘ol days where you had to grind to get the classes that you wanted. I remember when Aeria Games wasn’t that selfish (they were) and that they didn’t have to give as a mandatory quest that requires AP (in game currency=irl money) to complete the GOD DAMN QUEST *huff huff*. And lastly, I remember when the peer chat was locked on certain levels so no one can harass you as a noob (not saying they never did) and I remember when Auto-route was a blessing from the heavens… now with the double-jump, you can basically go through cliffs and such.

            AND FINALLY< this comment made no sense at all. ^^

    • Pro tip: You have to Farm in 99.9% of MMORPG’s. Dungeoning is always better XP in Any MMORPG.

      Analysis: You Probably shouldn’t be playing MMORPGs


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