Happy almost weekend, gang. It’s Thursday, and you know what that means. It’s time to snag some free games from the EGS. This week, both of the offerings on EGS will take you to new worlds. The first, Obduction, is a sci-fi adventure from the creators of Myst. You’ve been abducted and find yourself on a strange planet with oddly Earth-like structures. The only option is to explore this new world, uncover its secrets, and perhaps make it back home.

EGS’s second free offering is Mohawk Games and Stardock Entertainment’s Mars colony-building RTS Offworld Trading Company. Head to Mars and build your corporate empire. Gather the right resources, create and sell goods, and outdo the competition, because that’s the only way to win.

Together, both games’ normal prices total $60 — $30 for the entirety of Obduction and $30 for Offworld’s base game, but be prepared to throw down a good bit of cash for Offworld’s DLC is you decide you really like it.

On another front, GOG is celebrating Bastille Day by offering free copies of Syberia I & II. The games are chosen not only in honor of the holiday but also late comic book artist Benoît Sokal, whose stories the games are based on. There’s also a whole “French Touch Sale” going on on GOG at the moment.



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