Embracer Group, That Company That’s Been Buying Up All The Other Companies, Sales Have Increased And More Titles Are Coming

Most of this is from buying up other companies.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Embracer Group

Embracer Group, that company that likes to buy companies, is doing pretty well for itself – at least according to the latest quarterly earnings report. According to the report – which can be found in full on the Embracer Group website, the company’s revenue for the period of October – December 2022 increased 128% over the year prior. That’s 11,622 million SEK versus 5,091 million the year before. Not surprisingly, a huge factor in this was what they refer to as “inorganic growth”. That means they bought a lot of companies that added to their overall profit margin.

Among some of the companies that really padded their sales are PC and Console game developers Eidos and Perfect World. Guess that means all those free-to-play MMOs are doing something for them. Although, they also attribute them to some “large new game releases”. The big one there is Goat Simulator 3 – which isn’t multiplayer, but we mention it because… Goat Simulator.

In our little corner of gaming, there were some notable multiplayer games in the top-ten back catalogue revenue drivers. These included Star Trek Online and Neverwinter. Those of you interested in reading the full report can find it in all its glory on the Embracer site.

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