On October 29, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will gain access to new TERA content, including the ability to take on enemies in airborne combat. Fly through the skies collecting orbs and defend skywhales against desert wraiths. Fight alien drones while you wait for their mothership to appear. It’s all part of the Unmasked update.

Since the update is airborne, players will have new mounts to collect, a trio of dragons with both combat and non-combat forms. The mounts provide riders with additional HP and MP restoration when they are mounted upon them. The new mounts will be available in the TERA store.

For players level 65 and over, the update also adds a new dungeon. The Red Refuge is a base of Red Riders that must be taken out. Players will need to successfully defeat three BAMs in order to earn a special mask with a unique set of bonuses.

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