World War II cost a lot of money: $4.1 trillion (in today’s dollars) for America alone, by one estimate. The new campaign for Enlisted costs significantly less, though you could argue that any price is too steep.

Closed beta testing for the newest campaign in Enlisted, the Battle of Berlin, is now available, putting Axis and Allied soldiers into street-fighting missions such as the Assault on the Reich Chancellery, Crossing of the Moltke Bridge, and suppressing resistance at the Kroll-Opera.

Historically accurate gear of this era include the T-34-85, Panther, and IL-2-37 tanks, and hand-held weapons like the PPS-43, MP 3008, and Panzerfaust 100. There’s also a new mechanic, the bayonet knife, for all your stabbing needs.

To gain access to the Battle of Berlin campaign, you’ll have to purchase a $50 bundle that includes premium squads for both sides and 600 gold. The campaign will be available to all players “after the closed beta test is over.”

We’d remind you that Enlisted itself is in open beta, which theoretically means “testing before full launch.” So why is there a closed beta test inside the open beta test? The answer is that, as usual, an open beta test for a free-to-play game is actually a launch that uses the “test” label to excuse more errors and a lower level of polish. I still like Enlisted, but Gaijin Entertainment’s use of this kind of double-speak rubs me the wrong way. Don’t pay to test games, folks.


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