Entropia Universe’s 16th anniversary is on the way and the developers of the multi-world MMO are celebrating with a major gameplay update. The free update will make improvements to the game not only for existing players but for new players who might feel daunted coming into a game with such a long history.

Featured in the update are three major changes: revamped aiming, camera transitions, and the elimination of right-clicking. With revamped aiming, players will be able to lock onto targets and cycle between them in combat. With the new camera transitions, players can now move from first to third-person easily using a new toggle option.

As for the right-clicking, players will no longer have to use menus to enter vehicles or pick up items. Instead, they will be able to interact with them using a single key.

While the update won’t be out for a bit, players can get a peek at the changes in the videos below.

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  1. I find it funny that people say this game is amazing or what ever.. Its a massive time sink is what it is.. Ya sure if you wanna skip the boring stuff and just play the game then yes you need to put in quite a bit of money to get started… but if you don’t then your start will be way way off into the future.. You will have to do Sweating for the first few months before you have enough PED to actually start playing the game at all if you decided to go free to play.. Then after that the game becomes a MICROtransaction management sim where you have to find the small gains without having to lose anything and unfortunately to find these gains is VERY small at the start and your best bet is to spend money to get the skills you need to progress or waste a lot of your life before even beginning to play the game. Your choice and honestly I wasn’t willing to dump the required $200 to get the whole skill set to allow full game play enjoyment tried sweating and then quit..

    Game itself is great and amazing don’t get me wrong everything on that end is amazing. Though the brick walls that are in place will curb stomp anyone who is casual and isn’t will to or don’t want to PUT their whole life into the game like you know A JOB.

    People call it a casino game I CALL IT A JOB SIMULATOR.

  2. This is the only game in the last 16 years, that I keep coming back to. The immensiveness of the planets that make fallout 76 seem like a small island is what keeps me coming back. The complete freedom to do whatever you want, whether you have put money into the game or not is another reason. People who comment that it’s a casino and a moneysink have probably tried it like it was a “normal” mmo. Hey shoot this, shoot that. oops I am out of bullets, Oops my gun broke.. Entropia is probably one of the hardest games out there, not in terms of gamedifficulty like dark souls 3, but to achieve something means to read all forums about the world, finding the niches in which you can thrive and be successful. Everything costs money in the game and almost nothing comes for free. It;s sometimes grinding like a dog and sometimes feeling really sad if you took a misstep. But you learn and you get up. And you can make it… if you try really hard, just like real life.
    There is a reason why this game celebrates its 16th birthday. It’s not that the game is utter crap, or just a casino, because then it would have gone belly up years ago.

  3. One of the most craziest games ever and one of first mmo games in my book of beta’s i’ve played which was called Project Entropia.
    I was in the alpha and beta tests of this game, it was good to play in beta as you weren’t restricted too much just enough to keep holding you back though it was struggle but new to play.
    Once it launched it became a sweat fest along with their controversial fake sales during their early parts to attract more game players, The game had and has a very strict policy were it keeps every ones bank accounts and refuses outright to never delete players personal details which they still have these policies in place to this day.
    This game was a first at a lot of things, but not at all anything to do with “good gaming practices” They show no care for the game player, It wasn’t long after launch that they had got a very bad reputation with NORMAL PC game players, fortunate for them= MindARk they had gathered a high player base of the idle rich game player or the well stupid player.
    It was totally left in the dark by normal game PC players as it was too personal and not really a game, but seen as a bank drain.
    I thank god for the Asian revolution in gaming that happened in that time who came forward with a better concept and showed the real way of gaming. I can not thank them enough for this.
    Project Entropia ran and still runs under their other name entropia universe like gambling hall were even as you pay your real money you lose due to its tight percentages of loss set in its code, made for you to lose but be rewarded in tiny winy pockets to keep you in, just like a casino does or any form of gambling den.
    This game has shocked and surprised me that its kept going, and the devs have never dropped one single hurdle you try to climb over, instead they have proceeded to put up more.
    “THE casino of gaming,”
    With no or any compassion for its customers loss’s or their privacy.
    Its a boring away money game, which it seems there are plenty of money fools who have kept propping it up to this day.
    Not really a celebration, Its hard lined lesson in how NOT to make a game. Unless you want to be out casted by the many but not by the tiny few.


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