Battle royale games are typically “take no prisoners”-type affairs. Epic Games seems to be taking that approach with regards to people who cheat in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Epic has filed a lawsuit against one Yash Gosai, alleging that “Gosai developed an exploit for Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode that enables players to obtain V-bucks without paying for them” and also “created and posted a video on YouTube to advertise, promote and demonstrate the exploit.” So, not only did Gosai allegedly cheat Epic of income by illegally obtaining cash shop currency (V-bucks) but he also publicized his methods via YouTube, encouraging others to do the same — and likely earning a few extra bucks for his video.

Epic is suing Gosai on three counts: copyright infringement, breach of contract, and conversion, i.e., the money lost on sale of V-bucks due to Gosai’s video.

It’s not the first time Epic’s taken legal action against cheaters in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Last year, the company went after a pair of players, one of whom was a minor, who created and distributed hacks for the game.

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  1. its a shame epic has a hole in their head & a one way path.
    This is not the way to approach gaming problems at all.
    These players who exploit code are using it because epic cannot code.
    its therefore epics fault not he players.
    Suing is like bullying.
    Wake up epic and use these people to help you do your job & code properly
    its why players do it you make the flaw they will use it.
    Trying to get a jail sentence or more money from a game player is dam right immoral & uncalled for.
    Once again:
    Its epic’s fault they can’t code, its their flaw that can easily be exploited.
    Case dismissed.

    • Lol, every single game can be exploited and cheated. I really like Epic’s approch. And I have absolutely no sympaty for cheaters. Also here it’s talked not about regular cheater, but about thoose who create and promote their cheats, so will be a good example for other’s if Epic sues this type of peeps and leaves them with bare ass.

      • This approach opens very wide door for the developers to abuse different holes in law. Because they simply may create backdoors in their game. secretly distribute them among cheat and bot programmers and sue gamers that uses it. I hope Epic will be punished for their own faults in coding.


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