Epic Games is still hard at work trying to make Fortnite: Battle Royale cheater-free, and that includes dealing with the two cheaters the company recently filed lawsuits against. One of the cases, against a minor, is still going forward, but the other appears to have come to a resolution.

As reported here, Minnesotan Charles “Joreallean” Vraspir has settled his copyright infringement and breach of contract case with Epic. Vraspir will not face any penalties unless he persists in “creating, writing, developing, advertising, promoting, and/or distributing anything that infringes Epic’s works now or hereafter protected by any of Epic’s copyrights.” If he does, he faces a $5,000 fine.

Meanwhile, Epic is fighting back against the mother of the other accused cheater, a minor, who claimed that Epic made the defendant’s personal information public by submitting his name and address in a letter to the court. Epic countered by saying it didn’t know he was a minor and that it was, in fact, the mother who made such private details public. I am not a lawyer, but … yeah, that’s all I’ve got. I’m not a lawyer, so I’ll just sit back and let the courts sort this messy affair out.

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  2. Its absolutely terrible that a game dev thinks they need to hurt game players by lawyers in such a early stage of the games development.
    Epic Obviously have no pride or respect for anyone but selfish selves, they do not deserve to be a game development company with such disrespect for game players.
    Ban players of course! but don’t dig game players graves because you have lawyers and loads of CASH to sue with! this is a extremely unethical way to approach such a conflict.

    • He was not sued for cheating, he was promoting and selling cheats to other players. Banning people like this does literally nothing.

    • Its as simple as not cheating, I think they DO have respect for their games and their players, because they want their games to be cheaters free. That way every player will have a fair play and fair matches with no disadventages because some rat used a cheat and ruined the whole match for everybody. You have no idea how many games have been ruined by cheaters thus making people quit, complain and making the game die slowly because they dont care about cheaters.

    • The F…

      If you have read the previous articles.

      Epic started out by requesting Youtube to remove the stupid kid’s video of him showing the cheat AND PROVIDING LINK TO OBTAIN SAIDS CHEAT…

      Which Youtube did, but the stupid kid then decide to apply to Youtube to put it back up, this then trigger Youtube’s legal term of use that places the Video under the kid’s responsibility and thus is entitled to be sued by the company by LAW (LAW, LAW, LAW, so important I type it 4 times).

      Same deal with the other person that was dealt with.

      Sounds like you might also be one of those cheater if you’re defending the cheaters eh?

    • You’re right in saying it’s terrible. Unfortunately, I think it’s necessary.

      Many games have suffered at the hands of cheaters, hackers, and botters. Banning them is only a temporary solution–they will find other ways to exploit the game: creating more accounts, hacking and using another player’s account, etc. By taking these players to court (as many other game companies didn’t, but could’ve and should’ve done), they show that they’re not messing around.

      These cheaters are opportunists. If a game fights back, they’ll find another game to exploit. Well done Epic, I say.

  3. Who cares if there are cheaters in this game – I mean, if you die it literally only takes about 10 seconds to jump into another match. Also, there is no K/D in this game so it really doesn’t matter if a cheater kills you – the worst thing a cheater can do is waste 10 seconds of your time.

    • I care, I dont want my matches ruined by cheaters and it applies to every online game I play/played/will play, they can do it with offline games but dont mess with people ruining their matches while they are online.

      Let´s say you have been playing for 20 minutes on Fortnite, you are second place, then a cheater gets first place by cheating, would you lose 1 minute or 20+? dont defend cheaters, it sounds as you are one, and even if you arent maybe you are casual so you dont care, but others do


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