Evercore Heroes Discusses Future Amid Layoffs, Lackluster Closed Beta, And Maintenance Mode

Closed Beta did not meet the expectations of the developers.

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Evercore Heroes layoffs and maintenance mode

When a new studio cranks out a new game with a new IP it can be an uphill battle to get noticed. As is the case for Evercore Heroes, the competitive PvE MOBA from Vela Games.

At its core, Evercore Heroes put a unique spin on the MOBA genre as each team took to their own map to compete against other teams. It all culminated in a shared-map showdown that left one team standing victorious. Sadly, the Evercore Heroes closed beta did not attract the attention Vela Games was hoping for, and they are having to make changes in-house to compensate.

According to the news update on the official Evercore Heroes site, they have reduced the team headcount significantly, and devs will begin phasing out over the next few months as people work out their notice periods.

As for the game, it is going into maintenance mode for the foreseeable future while the remaining devs work on the next iteration of the game. While in maintenance mode, the game will have open access to anyone who creates an account. Founder's Packs will no longer be available. Eight heroes will be available to play, including the newest one. All prices in the store have been reduced by 50%.

The team will be working on what has been dubbed "Project-R", which is the next iteration of Evercore Heroes. During this development time there will be no updates to the live game. This new iteration will double down on the competitive PvE elements while making strategic decisions more clear and rewards more impactful. All closed beta players will be invited to test early versions as soon as they are ready. They are shooting for something this Fall.

Having played Evercore Heroes, I can say that it had pretty interesting gameplay and the competitive PvE was fun. The main problem I had with the game was the complete lack of tutorial or any info on what you were actually doing or accomplishing during the game, which made it frustrating to play and understand what was going on. I'm interested to see if this game can make a comeback and what "Project-R" looks like. Hopefully we'll find out this Fall.

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goobert 10 months ago
It's a closed beta no one cares about closed betas how are you gonna gauge interest with that? Are they retarded?

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