EverQuest 2’s Tinkerfest Returns During The Summer Jubilee

Enjoy the start of summer with some good ol’ tinkering.

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Tinkerfest 2022

Kicking off EverQuest ll’s very first Summer Jubilee is the not so new Tinkerfest. Players can start to channel their inner gnome and get ready to tinker to their heart's content in this event. First, players will need to meet up with the clever tinkerers at Gnomeland Security in Steamfont Mountains, Inventor's Outlook in Freeport, Inventor's Threshold in Qeynos, or Dropship Landing Zone in Moors of Ykesha. Once finished, players should head over to Ak'anon Tinkerer's Guild which has been recently reformed and also seeks assistance.

Players will need to speak to Tickni Kerplooie and Navier Stokes to get started in proving their worth to the tinkerer's guild. During the event players will want to make sure to keep returning to the Tinkerer’s Trial to ensure their hard work is being properly recognized and rewarded.

In addition, Tibbles Aclatter has some work for players as well, as does Bertram Fiddledeegrak and Snafu Fizzbrip at the Dropship Landing Zone in Moors of Ykesha. Tinkerfest began on June 2 and will end on June 15, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. After Tinkerfest ends, players can still look forward to two more events in EverQuest’s Summer Jubilee. The next event will be the Scorched Sky Celebration followed by Oceansfull Festival.

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