Everquest Free-to-Play is Live!

MMOBomb Staff
MMOBomb Staff

Sony Online Entertainment announced that it is celebrating the 13 anniversary of its landmark MMORPG, EverQuest, by transitioning the game to a free-to-play model. EverQuest now offers a variety of options that cater to players’ different needs and preferences so they can choose to play the game in a way that suits them best – such as recurring vs. non-recurring subscriptions and Free through Gold memberships.

EverQuest players will be treated to a variety of amazing in-game activities and game updates, including:

  • Lucky 13 – Players can now embark on anniversary missions and quests, surrounded by anniversary décor in the “Plane of Knowledge,” that follows a special 13th anniversary theme:
    • Players can experience 13 new quests
    • A spectacular mission as some of the iconic villains of EverQuest
    • A Raid to stop a familiar foe from gaining ultimate power.
    • And over 40 events from past anniversaries
  • Hero’s Journey – A book to guide players through a series of achievements from level one to level 85. Utilizing and improving upon content that is already in the game, characters may begin this journey at any level.
  • Improved Navigation – An added zone guide, this window is a quick way to look up zones in the game by level, zone connections, and other data about the zone.
  • Zoning Path Finder – The zone path finder generates a path between any chosen zone and any other zone in the world. Additionally, zone connections have been added to the Find window.
  • Improved Find Tracking – Find tracking is now visible in the map window. Players will be able to see your ‘find wisp’ in the map window and it will auto center on the path and zoom in and out so you can see the whole path.
  • Maps – Improvements to the maps have been made to elevate players’ adventures. Maps now support custom map directories, have added map label searching, the ability to right click on any point on the map to attempt to bring up a visible path to it.

Since its launch in 1999, EverQuest players have adventured through Norrath and accomplished gaming feats that only a 13-year-old game could accomplish, including:

  • There are nearly as many NPCs in EverQuest as there are in the American Postal Union: The total population of Norrathian NPCs is 344,935
  • EverQuest’s Wealthiest Player is Nearly 16 Times Richer than Bill Gates! If the game’s Platinum pieces weigh an ounce, then in today’s market, EverQuest’s wealthiest player’s worth in the real world would be equivalent to $893 billion – that’s nearly 16 times richer than Microsoft’s Bill Gates’ estimated worth!
  • More than twice the age of the oldest person to have lived: A day in EQ is 72 minutes; that said, a character that was created when the game launched on March 16, 1999, is 260 years old this year on March 16
  • It’s always OktoberFest in EQ: Since launch, EverQuest has brewed more than 330 brew varieties in Norrath, compared to 1,927 breweries in the U.S.
  • 450 times the spells used in the Harry Potter series: 32,882 spells created in EverQuestAlmost one Dragon per square mile in Norrath: There have been 1,126 Dragons bred in EverQuest
  • It is the 179th largest country in the world: There are 1,050 square miles of land in Norrath
  • Faster than a Cheetah! The fastest mount in Norrath clocks in at 88.8 mph!

Originally launched in 1999, EverQuest arrived as a brand new evolution within the respective MMO, RPG and online gaming genres, with continued recognitions over its epic 13-year history for pioneering major concepts such as guilds and raiding online. EverQuest now joins the ranks of fellow free-to-play favorites DC Universe Online and EverQuest II – both of which successfully made the transition to free-to-play within the past year.

EverQuest’s new free-to-play system is now available to all PC players worldwide, including options for Free, Silver ($5.00 USD) and Gold ($14.99 USD/month) memberships.

A matrix further detailing the three new EQ membership levels is available here: http://everquest.station.sony.com/free/.

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Discussion (7)

CrzyAzn 10 years ago
Because people like you want everything to be easy and handed to you on a silver platter. Then be glad you did not play EQ at the start in 1999 back then no map system (I still have my 2 binder's worth of printed maps), you didn't know what NPCs had quests or not, so you "Hail" every NPC, the keywords were not bracketed so you had to figure out which one was the keyword, but you would do it is an RP just like if you were conversing with the NPC. Also got to remember this was release to closely resemble like playing a Table Top RPG but online.

Granted it was kinda tedious but you have to understand the time period it was release and why it was made the way it was.

One of the "guys".. 11 years ago
VinalG4ce, so I guess now you understand how we (the people who grew up playing games that took a "little" effort) feel now that everything is like playing Disney ToonTown..

Hail an NPC by pressing H..
Find a quest by typing s keyword rather than looking for the '!" or '?' mark above their heads..
The bind thing, I understand could be a little different these days..

You are making something very difficult out of something that really isn't that difficult..

Realize that I was around 15-16 when I started playing this game and it wasn't all that difficult to grasp then, some of these concepts should not be or appear to be that hard to any of the genres new comers.. Well that was until the dramatic shift of the industry to "Disneyland"

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VinalG4ce 11 years ago
Played it, it's not for me. How the game plays out always interrupt the flow of how you play, making the most simple action to be as tedious as a person who has a short attention span trying to open every computer program and ending up closing the software just to reopen again and again.

You talk to NPC by typing "Hail, NPC'

"Want them to do something you type, "Keyword"

Want to kill monsters, Press Q

Want to bind hotkey,

Seriously, the game is likely to be programmed by IT people who's programming skill similar to grade schoolers making basic flowcharts.

My advice is to avoid the game. I know I sound harsh but that's how I feel to this game, a large chunk of deliberate tedious nuisance

cacalips 11 years ago
Good old games out there. This one, dead due to greed long time ago. Ego mixed with greed kept it alive 13 years. The play wiht words "f2p" just means free to test out. Look at the pricing matrix. You get everything capped except the level. If you play SOE crap like DCUO, you will know sooner or later you need to unlock that gold cap.

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Name (Required) 11 years ago
lol! 13 anniversary

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