Everquest II's "Secrets Of The Sands" Expansion Prelude Is Now Available With New Zone, Quests, And Challenges

Time to bring the aerrakyn home and save The Nest.

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Everquest II Secrets of the Sands

The latest prelude expansion, "Secrets of the Sands," is now available in Everquest II with a new zone, quests, and challenges for players to overcome. Daybreak Games states the content will run until the following expansion update is on the slate for release. (Your guess is as good as ours at the moment.)

Secrets of the Sands starts with players receiving a message from Atathus to return the aerakyn to their homeland and save The Nest. Fans can look forward to new Adventure, Tradeskill, and Collection quests alongside a zone called "The Fractured Cache." Every player from all levels on the live servers can participate in the expansion by receiving the message to assist the aerakyn from the in-game mail. It will send players to Faezoth in Qeynos and Silrena in Freeport to begin the journey.

As participants complete various challenges and quests, they can also visit Baniti at Oasis of Marr in Sinking Sands to find new items. There are 64 in total, serving as additions to your home or character, and can be gained by increasing faction with Nomads of Ro. An image of those items will be below:

Everquest II S Items

Are you gonna try out the latest prelude expansion in Everquest II? Let us know how it goes for you down below!

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