Everquest Free-to-Play is Live!  3

The newest idea for an EverQuest progression server is so popular, fans are getting double the fun. A month ago, we learned about a new “random loot” progression server called Mischief that would shake up loot drops from rare NPCs and raid bosses. They’ll have the ability to drop loot from other NPCs of a similar level within that expansion.

The idea has proven so popular with prospective players that Darkpaw Games has decided to launch a second server with the same ruleset. The Thornblade server was originally designed to be an “overflow” server if Mischief proved too popular — which appears to be true, and then some.

The Mischief and Thornblade servers are scheduled to launch at noon Pacific today, and you’ll need an All Access membership to play on them. Details regarding the servers’ rule sets can be found on the EverQuest site.

As someone who’s never gotten into progression servers, even for the games I used to play that have them, this idea strikes me as a cool innovation. If these EverQuest servers prove successful, then mixing up the formula for progression servers might be an innovation that other developers try out to entice players into their “classic” builds.


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