FFXIV’s Director & Producer Naoki Yoshida Says He’s “Really Looking Forward” To The MMORPG Blue Protocol

Several experienced people from the FFXIV Team are also now working on Blue Protocol.

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Naoki Yoshida, the producer of the most profitable Final Fantasy game made by Square Enix, FFXIV, has just shared his thoughts on the upcoming MMORPG by BANDAI NAMCO, Blue Protocol.

In a Nico Nico livestream between Foxclon and Yoshi-P, fans sent in questions regarding other MMOs, one question, in particular, was about Blue Protocol. “I don’t mean it in a condescending way, but I’m really looking forward to it,” Yoshi-P explains. He then goes on to stress the importance of having other MMORPGs on the market, that “having many different games is when a genre starts to get lively.” While there are many MMORPGs on the market when it comes to Japan, nothing compares to FFXIV, and Blue Protocol really has been a "hot topic"–as Yoshi-P pointed out himself–in Japan.

“Also, from our FFXIV Team, several experienced people went to work there at Blue Protocol,” Yoshi-P said. Having multiple experienced veteran employees working on Blue Protocol from the FFXIV team is huge. Final Fantasy XIV, whether you hate the game or love the game, is an incredible MMO that not many others can compare to.

The two go on to mention that because there weren't many Beta Tests for the game, they don't know too much outside of what the development team has shared during their live streams and they both were looking forward to the game's release. Yoshi-P goes on to reiterate the importance of different games in the same genre. “There always have to be different games and different experiences.”

He brings up a good point that through another MMORPG, people might “reconfirm why FFXIV is good,” and, “In the same way, some people will say ‘if there only was this and that function in FFXIV.’ Where we’ll also answer ‘Yeah, we’re also feeling it, we’re doing it too,’ this will definitely happen.”

Having multiple games on the market in competition with one another should be a driving force for games to grow. They will be able to evolve each other's ideas in new ways for their own corresponding titles, and will hopefully constantly grow for a changing player base as well to create an overall better, more immersive experience.

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