Depending on their platform of choice, Neverwinter players may have already run into some of the bosses to be found in the Tomb of the Nine Gods. But if you haven’t and you’d like an early peek at them, the latest Neverwinter Dev Blog has you covered. Today, the developers dropped a bit of information on the three bosses to be found in the new dungeon. These include a magical simulacrum of Orcus, Withers ( master of traps and Acerak’s groundskeeper) and the yuan-ti Ras Nsi.

While players might think they’ve done the whole Orcus thing before, the developers note that the mechanics of this boss are new. In fact, it’s not just the boss you’ll have to deal with but the room — which requires players to afflict themselves with curses to enter. Basically, an important portion of this fight is deciding which team member will get which curse.

The second boss, Withers, also requires players to deal with the room the battle is in as well as the boss himself. To defeat this boss, you have to destroy his tower and pull him from a magically shielded booth nestled atop it. Oh yeah, and avoid the jets of fire and poison gas. But… that’s just a normal day, right?

The final boss… well… let’s just say you won’t be dealing with Ras Nsi alone. Acererak won’t let you off that easy.

To complement the post, the devs have also provided videos of the fights against these bosses. If you want to know what you’re really in for, and don’t mind having it spoiled for you, you can check them out on the site.

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