Revealed Amid Square Enix's Weaker Financial Report, Final Fantasy 14 Will Not Have A New Expansion Until (Fiscal?)2024

That’s not to say there will be no new content.

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FFXIV No Expansion til 23

The headline says it all, the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 won’t be getting a new expansion until 2024. This decision was revealed amidst Square-Enix’s “weak” game performance and low net sales. A portion of these low net sales are said to be attributed to FFXIV not receiving an expansion last year. Despite this, the company is holding back on an expansion until 2024 and is looking to engage “a variety of operational initiatives” in order to keep existing players of FFXIV engaged, while still focusing on new mobile and HD games that are predicted to bring up numbers.

Still, while there is no new expansion, there will still be plenty of new content to enjoy. Update 6.35 is still to come, adding with it Loporrits tribal quests, the Eureka Orthos deep dungeon, Manderville Weapons quests, and more. This update is set to arrive either at the end of this month (February) or early in March.

Then, updates 6.4 and 6.5 will bring more excitement to the Endwalker expansion. By this point the Trust System will be added to all Stormblood main story dungeons, and our solo players can rejoice as the dungeons can be done in complete solitude.

Moving beyond these updates, little is known, but it can be assured that the game will continue to receive updates to keep the game fresh as players wait for the new expansion in 2024.

Of course, given that it was a financial presentation that revealed the news, Square Enix could have been referencing the "fiscal" year 2023 (which ends March 31st) in which case it wouldn't be surprising at all that we wouldn't see an expansion yet. In fact, FanByte reports that this is, in fact, what SE meant when they asked.

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dysnomia 1 year ago
Were there any layoffs in Square Enix as in other gaming companies recently?

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