Final Fantasy XIV PLL 75 Offers Look At New Dungeons, Ultimate, And Sets January 10th Patch Date

And what’s going on with those Lopporits?

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

XIV Live Letter 75 Feat

Here we go! This morning, Yoshi-P hosted the 75th Producer Letter Live, offering players a closer look at what’s to come in the upcoming 6.3 and 6.35 patches. (There’s a little bit of 6.31 in there as well.) Of course, the stream kicked off with a trailer announcing the update’s official update. For those wondering, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble will launch on January 10. Everyone who figured that can now pat themselves on the back. Since the trailer in the stream was in Japanese, we’re going to put the English version before the Stream in this post.

Yoshi-P started out the stream with a general rundown of upcoming content. All the expected things are there: MSQ, new sidequest, Tataru sidequest, Hildibrand quests, the next tribal quest, dungeons, trials, and even the new Ultimate. Not much time was spent on the Tataru or Hildi content. We do now know that in order to continue Tataru’s quests, players will need to have completed the Four Lords quest series from way back in Stormblood. If you haven’t done that, now’s a good time. Hildi’s content will be part of the 6.35 patch – as will the Loporrit tribal quest for crafters. Based on the images, we may be building them a club. Who knew moon bunnies were into house music? To do the Loporrit tribe quests, players will need to have completed Endwalker and the Mare Lamentorum sidequests starting with “Name that Way”.

While we’re on 6.35 content, that’s also when to expect the new tool enhancement series for crafters and gatherers: Splendorous Tools. To take this on, players need to have completed the Endwalker MSQ as well as the Crystalline Mean quests. They’ll also need to have unlocked the Boutique of Splendors by talking to Mowen in Eulmore. There will also be a new custom delivery quest featuring the Leafman himself, Anden. Maybe the pixies will finally let him be a real boy again when it’s over.

Island Sanctuary will get love as well with new ranks, item rewards, materials, crops, animals, structures, and more. Crocodile mount! (Okay, that’s an assumption on my part. The mount is coming. I’m just assuming it’s tied to the Island.) And to make our lives easier, we will now have the option to collect the entire yield of an item at once while gathering stuff on the island.

Final Fantasy XIV LL 75 MSQ

What about the MSQ? Well, of course, they’re not actually going to offer us a ton of information on that. We do know that there will be a new dungeon located in Garlemald named Lapis Malis. Players can actually have Zero join them as a duty support member here. There’s also a new trial they refuse to name or show bits of in the trailer because… Shhhh… It’s a secret. They did say that it will have a puzzle mechanic and will likely not be as fast-paced as hair lady.

There was a brief mention of the new unreal, but no real details. We already knew it was P1T6. Speaking of duty types that start with “U”, though, Yoshi-P did reveal the new ultimate. Who had Omega on their Bingo cards? You’ve got it, Ultimate #5 is The Omega Protocol. It will arrive two weeks after 6.3 launches as part of 6.31. And yes, P8S is required before you can hop into this. Yoshi-P did godmode one of the fights a bit but didn’t really show anything of significance. No, there was no look at the weapons either, but players can probably make some guesses based on what the fight’s going to be.

Yoshi-P did offer a bit of advice on this content. To prepare for it, he suggests that everyone go play through the Omega Savage fights as this will throw everything Omega has seen and experienced at players. Get ready to fight the greatest clown villain of all time again. He also noted that they did try to make it more difficult than DSR, but with the fight’s design and direction begin so differently, he doesn’t believe they achieved that. The “Patch” mechanic will apparently be pretty crazy, though.

XIV LL 75 Ultimate

Next up, the new Deep Dungeon Eureka Orthos. For those familiar with this type of content, it hasn’t changed much, other that the environment. Players can get a peek at Yoshi-P playing a couple of floors in the stream – as well as one electrifying boss. It’s kind of a cross between the Allagan orbs and a member of the onion family. It’s also very neon. Folks are already calling it and the green minion that looks like it Allagan Melon, but seeing as there’s already an Allagan Melon minion…

To attempt this content, players will – you guessed it – need to have completed the Endwalker MSQ. They’ll also need to have gotten through floor 50 of Palace of the Dead. The other requirement listed is that players be at least level 81, so it is possible to take alt jobs through without needing to be 90.

The quest can be picked up from Koh Rabntah in Mor Dhona. This means the other quests he has on hand, “The Gif of the Archmagus” and “But I Hardly Noah” will be going away. These were weekly reward quests for ARR raids but, as they aren’t necessary, the devs decided to give Koh a new job. That said, if you haven’t done these at least once, maybe try them. It seems doing so will have an impact on what the quest text in Eureka Orthos will be like. Speaking of which, it seems that Ultimate raiders may find their quest text content differs based on whether or not they’ve completed the Omega side quests.

Orthos will contain some new features. One of these will be to be able to summon one of the Twins from the Crystal Tower quest line to fight with you. It appears they may disappear when the player moves on to the next floor. And yes, there will be new deep dungeon rewards. The one they elected to show off on screen was a new hairstyle.

XIV LL 75 Deep Dungeon

On the PvP front, players can expect both Series 3 and Season 5 of Crystalline Conflict, as well as a new Crystalline Conflict Arena named Clockwork Castletown. Yoshi-P demoed the new arena, which features things like a flipping floor mechanic that will throw players into the air, fireworks, big bot things with giant AoE, “limit break” coins that are tossed onto the floor and can be collected, and what I’ve coined a Pacman wall. This is kind of like the thing in the Pacman mazes where you exit one side and come out the other. Only in this case, it’s more like you try to exit out one side and it throws you to the other. Either way, it’s a fast way to get from one side of the map to the other very quickly.

Yoshi-P did show off some of the PvP series rewards gear. It looks pretty nice and can be obtained by doing any PvP content. (He also “accidentally” showed off some summer outfits at the same time.)

There will be some PvP job adjustments – but not many.


Speaking of job adjustments… Paladin. It’s happening. Sorry Astro players, it seems you still have to wait to find out what they’re going to do to you. Paladin players have a lot coming their way. We’ll let you decide if it’s good or bad. On the list are significant adjustments to action rotations that should improve the ability to deal burst damage. The changes should decrease the Paladin’s reliance on damage over time – which didn’t work well with burst output and often made bosses untargetable. The DOT effects for Goring Blade and Blade of Valor have been removed.

Adjustments will also improve the usability of defensive abilities. Rotations will be shortened to accommodate high-powered actions. Divine Might now applies for weapon skill combos. Holy Spirit can be executed once without casting. Holy Sheltron’s effect has been changed to reduce damage taken. And, Bulwark is back.

The whole second half of today’s Live Letter was pretty much Yoshi-P just showing things off. In addition to the stuff listed above, he also offered a look at the Euphrosyne Alliance raid – not the fight. This was just a look at the environment. It has a much more open feel than most alliance raids. Perhaps that’s because it looks like you’re starting out in the middle of a wheat field. You’re still on a path, though. That fence isn’t just there for looks.

The other content shown off was the new Shifting Gymnasion Agonon treasure map and the new Gold Saucer Leap of Faith Course. The first comes from maps found in Elpis and can only be accessed that way. The second features a Sylph theme that’s high up in the trees and has a lot of mushrooms and vines. Yoshi-P also offered a look at one of the rewards from the treasure map, some new outfits. It’s probably okay to assume that what we’re really getting is the material to make the outfits.


On to more general stuff. As mentioned in an earlier post, there will be new duty support additions. A total of six dungeons are being added and will complete everything through level 60 – or the free trial. (Provided the free trial isn’t extended. Their words, not mine.) All that will be left is the Stormblood dungeons.

Housing is being expanded. Six regular and six subdivisions are being added to each district, a total of 1800 houses per world. Some servers will not be able to access these plots immediately as they still have housing that needs to be bought up first. And, as for how the wards will be distributed between private and FC housing… That information will be detailed on the Lodestone later.

For the gatherers among us, some QoL is being dropped. First, collectible values will now be displayed for reference when gathering. Second, primary fishing locations along with necessary bait and conditions are being added to the Fishing guide. Third, spearfishing will be available in Upper La Noscea.</P.

Other QoL improvements include icons for damage type being displayed in both the battle log and flying text and timers for buffs being available in the party list. The latter can be disabled and is applicable to all content. Because of the massive undertaking of adding it, they have warned that there may be bugs that just weren’t found.

An alternate UI theme: Clear Blue – which really is a blue UI that you can see through and can be seen in Yoshi-P’s demonstrations – is being added. Portraits are now no longer PvP-specific and will appear in duty finder content. Don’t worry, you won’t be slammed with 24 portraits in Alliance Raids. It will only show you your party. Players will now be allowed to do even more with fashion accessories equipped, but it will be things like getting on a mount when using an umbrella and having it reappear when they dismount or being able to set it so that the umbrella is automatically used when it’s raining.

XIV LL 75 Alliance Raid 1

Players can also now cast glamours and dye retainer equipment without removing it. The ability to cast glamours is direct from retainer inventory is being added. And, speaking of retainer inventory… the ability to collectively entrust duplicates of stackable items to retainers is being implemented. The way this works is that if a player has a bunch of stackable items in their bag they can select several different items at once to transfer to the retainer. The catch is that the retainer already has to have one of each of the items selected (stackable, remember?) in their inventory or they won’t accept it.

The rest of the stream consisted of Yoshi-P showing off new goodies – mounts, minions housing items, and some general announcements. He showed off a total of seven mounts, but most of them he did not specify where they come from. We’re sure you can make good guesses though. There’s a pink elephant with a Happy Bunny headdress, a bunny enforcer, an alligator, a new Allagan orb, and – for the ones he did specify how to get a Golden Sheep and Mecha Gorilla (gil mounts) and an Airship bought with MGP.

New minions consist of a corgi, and a Lapras people in the chat already named Nessie, a tiny version of the Phantom Train, a Loporit, an Allagan plant that resembles the boss from the deep dungeon, and a Neir-related minion.

On the announcement side of things, they teased the 10th anniversary, and announced dates for the Fan Fest in North America, Europe, and Japan. NA will take place in Vegas July 28 and 29. It will be followed by a performance of the Eorzean Symphony on July 30. Europe’s Fan Fest will be in London October 21-22 and will also be followed by the Eorzean Symphony on October 23. Finally, the Japanese Fan Fest event will be held in the Tokyo Dome in 2024. The location is a pretty big deal and pretty appropriate considering it’s intended to wrap up the anniversary celebrations.

Heavensturn returns on December 31. Players will be able to pick up the quests in Limsa Lominsa from the usagi bugyo. Remember you have to be level 15 to take on the quest. At the end, you’ll be rewarded with new gear and a new banner for your living quarters.

Finally, Yoshi-P will be doing a live patch note reading on January 9, beginning at 10:00 pm PST. This will be in Japanese only. The good news is maintenance is not expected to last 24 hours.

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