Alright, Aion players, NCSoft has a little something for you to do in game and earn some buffs and other rewards while you’re at it. Right now, the Lost Ring Event is underway. The concept is simple. Collect Promise Ring pieces needed to create Promise Rings with, then, trade those rings to Pamred for various items.

Players need 10 Promise Ring pieces to create a full ring. Up to five of those can be earned simply by being logged in — one per hour for up to five hours of total login time. The rest have to be earned by completing different tasks, including defeating bosses or completing weekly quests.

Once the ten pieces are collected, players will need to take the resulting item to Pamred in Stellusia to be appraised. Unfortunately, not all rings are created equal and there are different possible grades, each with different reward items. A full rundown of the different grades and possible reward items for each can be found on the Aion site. Just note that if you’re not happy with the initial grade of the ring you can try to upgrade it. But as with all potentially good things, there is some risk involved.

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