Sometimes in a game’s development cycle, hard decisions must be made and features can be cut. This can be due to several reasons, but generally the cuts boil down to a lack of funding, poor design or a combination of both. However, Firefall’s recent decision to shutdown all of its PvP content has thrown me for a loop. You see, I cannot recall a previous time when a developer spent so much effort on a feature, released said feature and then axed it.

That is the current situation Red 5 has found themselves with Firefall. In a news post on the official site, Mark Kern, CEO of Red 5 announced the developer’s plan to suspend Firefall’s PvP and take the system offline for an undisclosed amount of time. It may be obvious Firefall’s main draw is its open world PvE content, but apparently that is the only draw. Firefall’s PvP on the other hand isn’t doing so hot, with less than 3% of Firefall’s players opting to participate.

Kern hopes his team can use this downtime to regroup, rethink, and deliver the best PvP system possible. For now, the team has expressed the need to continue focusing on the more popular PvE part of the game. Just recently, Firefall entered into its second open beta stage which pulled back the melding and introduced new chosen fortresses to destroy.

With so little players participating in PvP, one could argue the shutdown won’t affect many. While true, I would argue any MMO which removes complete features -especially features as prominent as PvP- deserves some scrutiny. What do you think?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Sad..the closest chance of seeing anything like old school Unreal Tournament surface again and then it gets axed..Welp, any inkling of interest I had died. Moving on. Nothing to see here.

    • PvP in Firefall used structured PvP balancing. So all the Recons, Assaults, etc had the same armor, weapons, and skills that were not interchangeable. While that levels the playing field to superior skill more than superior equipment, it also meant that you couldn’t make your character to fit your specific play style. For instance, I like the SMG as my secondary weapon on my Electron, but if I went into PvP, I’d have an assault rifle instead.

      But I don’t think PvP is completely over with, they did make the sunken harbor arena an Open PvP zone, which you can run around in your specific build and wreck anyone who wanders in the area. Maybe this will be the new direction for PvP content in Firefall.

  2. the game with this idea has so much potential, they just lack smthing … to make it work… i bet if the chosen was other fraction played by others it would be awesome

    • Would be a balance crisis if they did that. Because chosen can traverse the Melding, EVERYONE(or a majority at least) would jump on Chosen characters and take over the world, making the whole “Take back earth” goal meaningless.

  3. Well then, that’s strange…considering the game is so fantastic on so many levels. /sarcasm off. Even though I got a 100 dollar founders pack for Firefall to support them, I’ve lost all hope. Game is just a horrible boring, grind grind grind with sub par ui, art, animations, and generally wasted development funds and time on elements that are just…well…BORING.

    I understand Mr. Kern is always talking about how they always strive for greatness and giving their best and blah blah and even read his articles on, but at the end of the day. You can b.s yourself and write up anything you want, the success and value of your game speaks more, and it’s barely whispering in my book. Have only logged in under 5 hours in like over 5 months, which speaks loads about the game.

    Still, if they think they have a shot of redeeming the games pvp or whatever else there is to fix, I give it to them. They’re stubborn.

    • I did notice that with the release of the newest Battleframe, they made Sunken Harbor’s arena an open PvP area. So, chances are they’re trying to make PvP stay within the open world more than instanced matchmaking. They still got a ways to go. Hopefully PvP will make it’s comeback in the open world as something much better.

  4. Simple solution Copy Age of Wushu Keep it PVE but make different faction or random killers in game if people wanna fight let them (toggle on) and if people don’t (toggle off) then said players can add bounties and such that would make the game a hell lot more fun also give people some pvp action as i found there TDM and DM unbalanced 😛

    Just cuz its been done does not mean 1 cannot copy and improve 😀

    • Hate to break it to you but PVP isn’t Firefalls best feature which is why not many people participated since the PVE part is seriously good stuff of freedom in an open world. The majority won’t agree with your statement sadly.

      • The PVE is incredibly boring and repetitive; how is it, in any way, the best part of the game? The PVP was nothing to write home about (in comparison to other shooters), but it was a HELL of alot better than the the PVE.

    • I kinda saw it before pvp was released….The game seem a bit too much more focused on pve content than pvp. If RED 5 wanted to make pvp a bit more fun, they should have made several different factions(or two factions, human and alien) and then as players played and battle each other, they’re battles would change the game world in some way. For example(Haven’t played since open beta was announced so i forget the name of the aliens) The aliens wanna take over copacabana, so the humans fight off the alien waves and whoever wins controls Copacabana. But then people may wonder “What if everyone who joins the game joins human? The game will be unbalanced in terms of faction size like DCUO”. I don’t really know how to answer that question but, I would suggest make even more factions, make a rebel group that wants to just scavenge off the remains on battlefields where humans and aliens fought, have a faction that consists of assassins that go around and kill high risk pvp targets/npcs. Just throwing a couple of ideas out there.

      • They can just do what Aion does, and monitor the character creation. when one Race out numbers the other Race, NCsoft disables the character creation of the Race that’s over populated.

  5. Kinda weird to see a MMO that was always planned to be the new big one of the E-sport scene, to get rid of what was supposed to be their main focus when they started it.

  6. After glimpsing the title and clicking I thought it was gonna be shut down full stop. Didn’t they have lots of founder package sales? They spent too much time changing stuff whilst in beta, surely beta is more for bug killing, load stressing and tarting up for a live version.

    I had a little fun, maybe a month worth if that a long while back, nothing major will even tickle my curiosity again.

  7. MOUNTED, and also I’m so glad to hear they aren’t cutting it completely. Even if this hiatus takes a year, if it comes back and is really good, I will return too.


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