First Assault Runs Free Stress Test Until 7/21, Offers Loot Bundles For Sale

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

First Assault 7

If you've been wanting to try out First Assault, Nexon's Ghost in the Shell shooter, but haven't felt like shelling out the cash for early access in advance of its free-to-play launch, you're in luck. From now until July 21, the game is fully free-to-play via Steam and the Nexon global platform as part of a weeklong stress test to prepare the game for open beta.

Nexon has also added one new and one returning item to First Assault's cash shop for the text. The Elite Content Crate returns, giving you a head start with two 500,000 GP coupons -- one for now and one for open beta -- an exclusive Motoko Kusanagi skin, three exclusive weapon skins, and two operative skins, all for $29.99. If you'd prefer not to spend that much, you can instead pick up the new Starter Supply Crate for $9.99, which nets you 250,000 GP and 10 each 100% XP and GP boosters.

You can get full details on the stress test and these packages on the stress test announcement page.

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Discussion (21)

ASA 7 years ago
Gonna suck when stress testing is over. I only installed the nexon game launcher just to play this which I had loads of fun on this game. I'm unsure if I will uninstall it or not but since they are really close to open beta only time will tell.

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IDGAF 7 years ago
Good Game. And the best thing they blocked Brazil. They allways lag hard and 99,9% of them are hackers in most games they ruind so many games and its nice to see that NEXON learnd this. I hope more companys follow them and block Brazil too.

Laxiba 7 years ago
The coolest game of the year and the Brazilian can not play because Nexon is a xenophobic company. The saddest part is Steam have agreed not to release the game for all countries. They blocked the Brazilians because of hackers in Combat Arms but were all that used these nasty programs !? Not yet innocent pay the price for what went wrong, so unfair. I just think that cases of hackers would not be repeated because the VAC of Steam is cruel and could easily handle any dirty program that tried to use in bad faith to damage someone else's game. Well, that's it, the indignation of a player who was deprived of play.

ChibiCthulhu 7 years ago
Great game, very promising. I've put over 200 hours into it so far.

I'd say the only problem this game has, aside from small playerbase (which will change after it goes F2P) is bad netcode which can result in bad hit registration and delays in death. Those things don't happen very often though so it's not a game-breaking problem.

dark20xx 7 years ago
So I've downloaded it in order to see if there was something new or if there were some changes. My unlock token was gone and the server went down for maintenance. 10/10 would recommend.

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Deathloche 7 years ago
the weapons in this game need some serious tweaking. hip fire is inaccurate and iron site is not as accurate as it should be. you can be like 3 feet away and still wont hit the target.

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ASA 7 years ago
I agree it's not a terrible game I had loads more fun on here then I had on Overwatch but the only problem like @shanex said was they lack a playerbase so it's hard to actually play the game since not many players are actually logging in. This is just a stress test to get people to join and play while they prepare to get the game ready for open beta.

xKuKix 7 years ago
EU only :( not NA :(

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Shanex 7 years ago
It's not terrible but the lack of player base kinda makes it hard to play. The stress test is just an attempt to get people to play it with population.

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extasist 7 years ago
people plz dont fall for this game, great ip, but oh god terrible game.

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