It’s pretty rare that something announced by a game developer comes out earlier than expected, but that’s the case with World of Tanks’ latest release. Well, with the release of a World of Tanks comic book, that is. I guess it didn’t need much beta testing.

The first issue (of five) of World of Tanks: Roll Out will hit comic stores and Dark Horse Digital tomorrow, Aug. 31, a little ahead of its announced “fall” release window. Written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra with cover art by Isaac Hannaford,

Roll Out follows a crew of young British tankers as they push deeper into post-D-Day Normandy, toward a battalion of seasoned German armored units. Flanked and tracked by the Germans at almost every turn, the inexperienced British tankers traverse a battle-scarred France while the danger around them escalates and the outcome of the war hangs in the balance.

To commemorate the comic in-game, Wargaming will offer a special British Cromwell tank based on the “main character” of the comic. The “Snakebite” tank comes with the Snakebite Crew Skill, which improves overall accuracy. Three Snakebite-themed bundles will be available.

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  1. What is it with WG and pay-to-win Cromwells? Having the Berlin one wasn’t good enough, they just had to go and make a new one with an exclusive payed for advantage that just so happens to be the one the Cromwell lacks in the game: Accuracy (On the move, despite being quite nimble, it can’t hit the broad side of a barn from the inside. You gotta let the gun aim before you pummel your target with it’s great rate of fire).


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