C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) unveiled their first major expansion: ‘The Ruined Empire’. The expansion features the 4th continent, OKAPIA, a once prosperous continent until the death of their corrupted king. The expansions also includes new quests and dungeons that introduce OKAPIA. Want to play before anyone? No problem get you beta key here.

For the first time the character level cap will be increased from 50 to 57.

There is also a release of the new class, ‘Reaperess – The Goddess of Death’, a Shaman’s 2nd advancement class which has the fastest attack speed among the Shaman class. Reaperess has the ability to bleed enemies upon attack and inflict damage over time.

For more information, click here to find out more about the expansion or check out the teaser trailer above!


  1. The grammar in this trailer… IT BURNS! *shows several dungeons* “NEW MAP” *shows several new monsters* “NEW MONSTER!” *shows new class and tons of skills* “NEW ACTION!”


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