Move Your Supplies On Trains As Foxhole’s 1.0 “Inferno” Launches On September 28

The new train system will add a whole new level of strategy to this PvP game.

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Foxhole Inferno

After five years of Early Access, the massively multiplayer game Foxhole is ready to launch into 1.0 on September 28. Foxhole’s Inferno launch will be bringing with it logistical improvements, trains, automation, industrial facilities, and an arsenal of new weapons like the addition of flamethrowers.

The new train system will allow players the opportunity to build and design large-scale rail networks that can then be used to transport supplies and key equipment over long distances. Players will also be tasked with constructing and managing industrial facilities that can later become mass production centers.

With these upgraded logistics systems, players can deploy an arsenal of new weapons. Infantry flamethrowers, flame tanks, and incendiary rockets can be used to torch buildings and burn down enemy fortifications. Armored forces have also been upgraded with rocket artillery and advanced tank variants, including the return of the fan-favorite Battle Tank class. A fully dynamic weather system will also have profound effects on the battlefield; freezing over rivers, disabling equipment, and limiting artillery effectiveness.

Players can pick up the game over on Steam today as an early access title for $29.99, and on September 28 it will launch into 1.0. If players would like to learn more they can catch up on the developer's live stream that is shown below.

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