Fractured Online Introduces New Wildfolk Sub-Race, Interplanetary Travel, World Bosses, And More In Latest Patch

Gamigo and Dynamight Studios seem to be taking community feedback seriously.

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Isometric open-world MMORPG Fractured Online introduces a new Wildfolk sub-race thanks to community feedback, interplanetary travel between planets, world bosses of varying difficulty, and more in today's patch. According to developer Dynamight Studios, the patch reflects publisher "Gamigo's commitment to listening to community feedback for Fractured Online" and "bridging the gap between the unique Human and Wildfolk races with interplanetary travel."

Iridra, the Wildfolk sub-race also known as Blessed Humans, has lived peacefully in the many nooks of Mother Nature. Their affinity for nature resulted in them becoming blessed by Wildfolk and given gifts to help channel primal energy. Their relationship with Wildfolk eventually rewarded them with a place on Arboreus.

Wildfolk Race

Players who create Blessed Humans will teleport to Terra after the tutorial island, be unable to choose the Evil alignment, and - patched sometime later - Iridra can absorb primal crystals and trigger a unique ability. The Iridra feature new faces, haircuts, and colors distinct from the Humans of Syndesia. Moreover, they enjoy a range of base stat bonuses alongside increased luck and health/mana regeneration.

The new stargates will allow players to initiate interplanetary travel between Syndesia and Arboreus. Once players pay their way in the form of primal crystals - gathered only on Arboreus through in-game events - they can zip to another structure. Adding on to the patch includes world bosses players can summon to challenge them whenever they like. Bosses Tremora, Swarm Queen, Po Co, Jungle Runner, and others will have different difficulty levels for fans to overcome.

You can read the patch notes to learn more about the update!

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