age of conan

If you didn’t feel old before, Age of Conan is here to help with that. That’s right. The game is nearly a decade old.

Today, Funcom announced their plans to celebrate the game’s 9th anniversary — including free gifts for players. For those of you who may be a bit behind your fellow players, the gift is actually pretty sweet. It consists of a level 80 boost and an additional character slot.

All players need to receive their gift is to log into game before the end of May. Fail to do this and the gift will be gone.

Players will also receive a bundle of 100 Atlantean Shards per character — something else they will need to log in to claim. And, as an added bonus, they will receive the Shards from chests when using Raid Finder as well as have the opportunity to discover six new legendary rings.

Also of note is that Shadows of the Past is returning. So get ready to spend some time in the Tarantia sewers.

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  1. To receive a gift – it is necessary to create a “NEW CHARACTER” !!
    WHAT?? I already have characters, why should I have new ones, I would like to raise the old level.

  2. population is still fine. I met alot of nice and matured people there. Funcom made games for the older passionated gamers out there

  3. I honestly didn’t even think this game was still running till i went to the secret world the other day its unbelievable and it must be so dam quiet in there as you never hear a sound.

    • You haven’t logged in. They aren’t updating the game with new content but after you get past the tutorial and start heading to the very first city Tortage you will see lots of players. Not high level max characters but people that are actually playing and leveling. I play the game from time to time logged in about a week ago and the population seemed fine compared to even newer ftp MMOs that I get on from time to time.


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