A new Onslaught is now available in Funcom’s Age of Conan. Titled Skull Gate Pass, the new content takes players to the Border Kingdoms, where Hyperboreans are on the attack. There they’ll join Valkyrie Hylda in defending the Skull Gate Pass.

To join the Onslaught, players will need to use the revamped Group Finder. After queuing, they’ll be transported to the playfield where Hylda is waiting for them. Speaking to her will result in her leading players to the site in need of defense. But, they’ll need to talk to her once more after getting there to actually kick things off. This gives players time to explore before everything gets crazy.

Once everything is underway, players will need to defend both Hylda while defeating the armies of the Witch Queen Vammatar. As with the previous Onslaught, enemies sometimes drop glowing potions that grant temporary boosts when they’re walked over.

As a reward for completing the Onslaught, players will find the full set of gem slots unlocked in all Kuthcheman weapons.

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