Gaijin Is Changing Up The Event Cycle For War Thunder Making Them Almost Consecutive

Going forward, each event will only reward one vehicle.

QuintLyn Bowers
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War Thunder Event Rotation

Starting soon, Gaijin is implementing a new cycle for War Thunder events. As they explain in the strategy game's announcement, “events will start almost consecutively” and will generally be related to real-life events. In addition, most events will now only offer one vehicle. The exceptions to this are the Winter event and cosmetic-only events – which don’t offer vehicles anyway.

To earn rewards in these events, players will first need to obtain tasks. This is done using mission points, with the number of points required depending on the vehicle’s rank. The general range will be 35,000 to 45,000 mission points for each task.

This new event cycle is organized so that events will run twelve to eighteen days with a couple of days break in between events. As this is the case, the devs have decided to announce the rewards for the first three events now. The first will reward a tank, the second rewards an aircraft, and the third will be a naval vessel. Players can expect something similar going forward.

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