Gaijin Entertainment Announces Engine Swap For Crossout

The post apocalyptic game is getting a big upgrade.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Crossout Overhaul

On October 25, Gaijin Entertainment will be dropping an important update for the post-apocalyptic action game Crossout. This update will introduce a new gaming experience for players, both visually and mechanically, with an upgrade to a better engine – the Targem Engine 2.0. The upgrade means that everything in the game is being reworked from lighting and shadows to the game’s interface and controls. Even sound effects will be improved.

The Targem Engine 2.0 features Global Illumination technology that will accurately calculate reflected and scattered light causing low-light and shadowed areas to look more real. In fact, everything being done here is intended to make the game look as realistic as possible.

Another thing being affected by the upgrade is the game’s vehicles. With the introduction of “Supercharged,” the vehicles will boast new wheel physics, camera behavior, and more. The overall result should be a more immersive and intense experience. They’ll also interact with the game’s environment in a more realistic way. Full details on all the changes are available on the Crossout site, where before and after pics will let you compare.

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