Gaijin Entertainment is hoping to make a big splash on the next series of consoles. Microsoft announced yesterday that 30 games would be “Fully Optimized on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Launch Day,” and 10% of those games are free-to-play offerings from Gaijin. (And yes, Fortnite‘s on the list, too.)

War Thunder, Cuisine Royale, and Enlisted are among the games that will be available for the X and S on launch day, via the consoles’ Smart Delivery system, so your progress from the Xbox One will be automatically carried over — for War Thunder and Cuisine Royale, at least. World War II shooter Enlisted is still in beta, having had its last public test several months ago.

That makes Microsoft’s and Gaijin’s promise of “fully optimized” games a little bit of a head-scratcher. On the Enlisted site, Gaijin acknowledges that it will be a “beta version” of the game that’s available, and that sort of thing isn’t usually optimized.

Another question we have is, why didn’t Crossout make the cut to be on the new Xboxes? Does it need more time to be ported to the consoles, or did Microsoft just tell Gaijin, “Hold up there, you’ve got enough already”?


  1. War Thunder is a good shout – 20k average players in the last 30 days and consistently one of the top F2P games on steam.

    Cuisine Royale being available is confusing. It’s clearly an attempt to bring in more players, however I don’t think there will be any space for it on the console market.

    Enlisted looks cool….


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