The North American release for Maplestory 2 may only be a twinkle in the eyes of expectant gamers, but over in South Korea, Nexon has already begun letting Alpha testers into the MMO’s cube-based world. Despite being region-locked, foreign MMO reviewer Steparu managed to work their way into the Alpha and ended up recording gameplay from several of Maplestory 2’s low level zones.

The video (shown above), of course, is entirely in Korean, but through the process of observation, we can gleam quite a few interesting facts. Questing, (at least at lower levels) appeared fairly straightforward, with the added benefit of being able to freely explore each of Maplestory 2’s zones made up of floating cube islands. One surprising thing that stood out to us was Maplestory 2’s facial emotes, which when juxtaposed with a character’s simple body design, conveyed a rather wide range of emotions.

There’s also quite a bit of combat featured in the video, but with Steparu only being level 7, there’s little complexity seen at such an early stage. Still, Maplestory 2 will feature quite a number of Open World boss encounters for players to tackle cooperatively. Towards the end of the video, a group of players gathers around a menacing bear with a propensity to knock around unsuspecting players and even pieces of the environment itself. Indeed, it appears being placed atop a floating island miles above the ground can lead to dangerous situations, and as one might expect, falling off at such a height does result in an early demise.

What are some of your thoughts on Maplestory 2’s early gameplay? Do you feel the gameplay style fits the game’s aesthetic choices? Let us know!

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  1. SomeBody on November 2, 2014

    your crazy this looks way better than the original maple story, this is a huge improvement dont like it? stick with the original 2d maple story

  2. JayWolfie on September 23, 2014

    Yeah, I’d go through the grind again with Maple2
    Can’t lie, playing with friends was a blast.

  3. ruecian fate on September 22, 2014

    when will it come out on asia?

  4. thevick on September 22, 2014

    Soo hype for this game! ^^

  5. Mattmanrx99 on September 21, 2014

    I dont know how but this reminds me of the graphics style of like legend of edda.

  6. THE ONE on September 21, 2014

    To be honest i think the game is quite interesting, the new concept of making it a 3D world could be the on thing that makes maple story 2 even worth playing also the games new features look cool as ever and last i love the anime themed characters.

  7. Bloom on September 19, 2014

    it’s so cute!

  8. Blitzbulletz on September 19, 2014

    Why would anyone more then 5 years old want to play this? Looks like Chibipocalypse came to minecraft.

  9. Vanquish on September 19, 2014

    This looks terrible. Combat and movement look so bad and non-intuitive.
    Nexon made it look even more childish than Maplestory, which is something I thought was impossible, but they did make many mistakes lately (massive bans and such) so I think they are trying to destroy themselves.

    • THE ONE on September 21, 2014

      anyone with a brain can see its not childish its just made to look like anime something id doubt a narrow minded person could understand

      • Internet comments are dumb on September 24, 2014

        And here we see a white knight Nexon fanboy on his high horse, shamelessly defending something that isn’t even offensive!
        It looks childish because it’s done in a chibi style, which is anime-related and still very childlike at the same time. Stop being such a weaboo.

        • YouPeopleAreStupid on September 28, 2014

          Maplestory is in a chibi way so basically your saying nexon is just full of childish stuff, if you have a problem just don’t comment on them and don’t even pay attention to it just don’t even play it.

  10. 70calories on September 18, 2014

    being one of the people who found Mable story to be pretty crappy this looks fairly interesting

  11. mattmanrx99 on September 17, 2014

    I would say since maple-story is Nexon’s most popular game I would suspect that a late 2015 Alpha or CB for an English release.