Gamigo Stuff: Trove Gets An Update And Fiesta Online Plays With Fire For The Holidays

Stars, snow, and flamethrowers. Sounds like some kind of a party.

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Gamigo Fiery Christmas

Gamigo is celebrating the holidays in a couple of its games. Today, the publisher announced holiday events for Trove and Fiesta Online, beginning with the return of the Ski Tournament and ‘Attack on Frozen Roumen’ Kingdom Quest in Fiesta. Trove, on the other hand, sees the return of the Snowfest.

There are a few wintery things happening on Fiesta Online. As mentioned, the Ski Tournament is back, and that means players have the opportunity to test their snowboarding skills out on a racetrack and earn medals in the process. The returning Kingdom Quest sends players to battle the Cronenberg Monster using the element of fire. Another returning event allows players to compete against each other with a bit of winter soccer. There’s new content as well. Four new Christmas Quests have been added, sending players on missions to collect wrapping paper, deliver Christmas gifts, and more.

On the Trove side of things, Snowfest is back. The hub is a winter wonderland and Elfsly is ready to send players on new quests to save the Horned Rumpfus. They’ll also explore Present Dungeon Delves and obtain some really cool gifts in the process.

Christmas stuff isn’t the only thing Trove players have to look forward to. Gamigo also dropped the new Reeling in the Stars console update today. This update introduces the new Star Chart character progression system, which allows players to choose a constellation and receive special bonuses related to it. The update also makes changes to fishing and revamps the Boomeranger class. That revamp includes everything that’s been done to the class on PC.

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